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Endangered Species Research

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ESR - Vol. 14, No. 1 - Table of contents

ESR - Vol. 14, No. 1 - Table of contents

Endang Species Res (Print ISSN: 1863-5407; Online ISSN: 1613-4796)
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Stokes LW, Hataway D, Epperly SP, Shah AK, Bergmann CE, Watson JW, Higgins BM
Hook ingestion rates in loggerhead sea turtles Caretta caretta as a function of animal size, hook size, and bait
ESR 14:1-11 | Full text in pdf format

Benavides MT, Horn RL, Feldheim KA, Shivji MS, Clarke SC, Wintner S, Natanson L, Braccini M, Boomer JJ, Gulak SJB, Chapman DD
Global phylogeography of the dusky shark Carcharhinus obscurus: implications for fisheries management and monitoring the shark fin trade
ESR 14:13-22 | Full text in pdf format

Liles MJ, Jandres MV, López WA, Mariona GI, Hasbún CR, Seminoff JA
Hawksbill turtles Eretmochelys imbricata in El Salvador: nesting distribution and mortality at the largest remaining nesting aggregation in the eastern Pacific Ocean
ESR 14:23-30 | Full text in pdf format

Schwitzer C, Glatt L, Nekaris KAI, Ganzhorn JU
OVERVIEW: Responses of animals to habitat alteration: an overview focussing on primates
ESR 14:31-38 | Full text in pdf format
-ESR Special: Responses of animals to habitat alteration

Frasier TR, Koroscil SM, White BN, Darling JD
Assessment of population substructure in relation to summer feeding ground use in the eastern North Pacific gray whale
ESR 14:39-48 | Full text in pdf format

Long JA, Hazlitt SL, Nelson TA, Laberee K
Estimating 30-year change in coastal old-growth habitat for a forest-nesting seabird in British Columbia, Canada
ESR 14:49-59 | Full text in pdf format

Wood KR
Rediscovery, conservation status and taxonomic assessment of Melicope degeneri (Rutaceae), KauaÔi, HawaiÔi
ESR 14:61-68 | Full text in pdf format

Lagueux KM, Zani MA, Knowlton AR, Kraus SD
Response by vessel operators to protection measures for right whales Eubalaena glacialis in the southeast US calving ground
ESR 14:69-77 | Full text in pdf format

Hasler CT, Donaldson MR, Sunder RPB, Guimond E, Patterson DA, Mossop B, Hinch SG, Cooke SJ
Osmoregulatory, metabolic, and nutritional condition of summer-run male Chinook salmon in relation to their fate and migratory behavior in a regulated river
ESR 14:79-89 | Full text in pdf format
Theme Section: Endangered river fish: threats and conservation options