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ESR - Vol. 19, No. 3 - Feature article
The black-browed albatross is the most common albatross killed in demersal longline fisheries in the SW Atlantic. Photo: Marco Favero

Favero M, Blanco G, Copello S, Seco Pon JP, Patterlini C, Mariano-Jelicich R, García G, Berón MP


Seabird bycatch in the Argentinean demersal longline fishery, 2001?2010


Seabird mortality associated with fisheries is one of the major threats leading to the decrease of albatross and petrel populations. Favero and colleagues The article characterises the seabird by-catch in the Argentinean demersal longline fishery during the last decade, estimating a total mortality of 7470 ± 2449 seabirds, the majority being black-browed albatrosses and white-chinned petrels. If seabird bycatch is to be reduced to negligible levels, it is imperative that the National Plan of Action-Seabirds (NPOA-S) is effectively implemented and that the longline fishery fully comply with the conservation measure that entered into force in 2010. The implementation of other management-related actions in the NPOA-S will also have an effect on the large trawl fishery where seabird by-catch has also been documented.


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