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Endangered Species Research

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ESR - Vol. 22, No. 2 - Feature article
Caption: Tagged European sturgeon Acipenser sturio at release into the Elbe River system © P. Freudenberg

Gessner J, Jarić I, Rochard E, Pourkazemi M


AS WE SEE IT: Sturgeon and paddlefish research focuses on low risk species and largely disregards endangered species


Sturgeons and paddlefish are among the most commercially valuable groups of fishes and include many highly endangered species. However, a recent bibliometric study revealed that disproportionately little research has been conducted on those species that are endangered or face a high probability of extinction. Most of the highly threatened species were addressed in fewer than 1% of the publications dealing with sturgeons or paddlefishes. Information on the biology and habitat utilization of threatened sturgeon and paddlefish species is especially deficient or lacking, thus rendering the planning and implementation of protection measures even more difficult. The authors suggest that a more stringent focus on conservation and management research is needed to provide the means to prevent the extirpation of the species in the near future.


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