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ESR 3:267-271 (2007)  -  DOI:

Distribution and habitat characteristics of Trichilia triacantha (Meliaceae) in Puerto Rico

Eduardo A. Ventosa-Febles*

Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, Bureau of Fish and Wildlife, PO Box 3665, Marina Station, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00681-3665

ABSTRACT: The distribution and habitat characteristics of the endemic and endangered plant species Trichilia triacantha Urb. (Meliaceae) were studied in the southwestern region of Puerto Rico. Searches for populations and individuals started in 1992 and ended in 1996. These searches were done in areas where the species had been previously reported and at other potential population sites. We found 109 ind. distributed in 10 populations. This represents an increase of 172% in the number of individuals and 25% in the number of populations previously reported. Four populations were on private lands; 2 of them consisting of isolated individuals. The number of plants found in grouped populations varied from 2 to 35, with an average of 13.4. All the plants occurred in the Subtropical Dry Forest Life Zone, at an altitude of 175 m or less, and were growing on well-drained soils, such as those derived from limestone. Most individuals were found on the more mesic side of hills.

KEY WORDS: Endangered · Guánica · Trichilia · T. triacantha · Bariaco · Puerto Rico

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Cite this article as: Ventosa-Febles EA (2007) Distribution and habitat characteristics of Trichilia triacantha (Meliaceae) in Puerto Rico. Endang Species Res 3:267-271.

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