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Correction to ESR 40:285-296 (2019) - DOI:

Correction to ESR 40:285-296 (2019) - DOI:

Bycatch in gillnet fisheries threatens Critically Endangered small cetaceans and other aquatic megafauna


Robert L. Brownell Jr. 1,*, Randall R. Reeves2, Andrew J. Read3, Brian D. Smith4, Peter O. Thomas5, Katherine Ralls6, Masao Amano7, Per Berggren8, Aung Myo Chit9, Tim Collins10, Rohan Currey11, M. Louella L. Dolar12, Tilen Genov13, Roderick C. Hobbs14, Danielle Kreb15, Helene Marsh16, Mei Zhigang17, William F. Perrin18, Somany Phay19, Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho20, Gerry E. Ryan21, Kim E. W. Shelden14, Elisabeth Slooten22, Barbara L. Taylor18, Omar Vidal23, Wang Ding17, Tara S. Whitty24, John Y. Wang25,26


*Corresponding author:


September 3, 2021:


The authors’ affiliations on the title page of the article were incorrectly allocated and did not correspond to those given in the Supplement. The correct numbering is shown above and has also been amended on the abstract page and in the online pdf of the article.


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