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Endangered Species Research

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ESR - Vol. 47 - Table of contents

ESR - Vol. 47 - Table of contents

Endang Species Res (Print ISSN: 1863-5407; Online ISSN: 1613-4796)
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Edwards CR, Bonner TH
Vegetation associations of the endangered fountain darter Etheostoma fonticola
ESR 47:1-13 | Full text in pdf format

Burbank J, Drake DAR, Power M
Seasonal consumption of terrestrial prey by a threatened stream fish is influenced by riparian vegetation
ESR 47:15-27 | Full text in pdf format

Nero RW, Cook M, Reneker JL, Wang Z, Schultz EA, Stacy BA
Decomposition of Kemp’s ridley (Lepidochelys kempii) and green (Chelonia mydas) sea turtle carcasses and its application to backtrack modeling of beach strandings
ESR 47:29-47 | Full text in pdf format

Otsubo J, Higuchi H
Time-lapse camera photographs reveal arrival and breeding timing of short-tailed albatrosses Phoebastria albatrus
ESR 47:49-59 | Full text in pdf format

Cornec C, Hingrat Y, Planas-Bielsa V, Abi Hussein H, Rybak F
Individuality in houbara chick calls and its dynamics throughout ontogeny
ESR 47:61-73 | Full text in pdf format

Rivera-Milán FF, Martínez AJ, Matos A, Guzmán D, Ruiz-Lebrón CR, Ventosa-Febles EA, Diaz-Soltero H
Puerto Rico plain pigeon, scaly-naped pigeon and red-tailed hawk: population dynamics and association patterns before and after hurricanes
ESR 47:75-89 | Full text in pdf format

DiMatteo A, Lockhart G, Barco S
Habitat models and assessment of habitat partitioning for Kemp’s ridley and loggerhead marine turtles foraging in Chesapeake Bay (USA)
ESR 47:91-107 | Full text in pdf format

Brunson S, Gaos AR, Kelly IK, Van Houtan KS, Swimmer Y, Hargrove S, Balazs GH, Work TM, Jones TT
Three decades of stranding data reveal insights into endangered hawksbill sea turtles in Hawai‘i
ESR 47:109-118 | Full text in pdf format

Gorman KM, Deeley SM, Barr EL, Freeze SR, Kalen N, Muthersbaugh MS, Ford WM
Broad-scale geographic and temporal assessment of northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis) maternity colony-landscape association
ESR 47:119-130 | Full text in pdf format

Bista D, Baxter GS, Hudson NJ, Lama ST, Weerman J, Murray PJ
Space use, interaction and recursion in a solitary specialized herbivore: a red panda case study
ESR 47:131-143 | Full text in pdf format

Song J, Lin B, Jia Y, Dutton PH, Kang B, Balazs GH, Liu M
New management unit for conservation of the Endangered green turtle Chelonia mydas at the Xisha (Paracel) Islands, South China Sea
ESR 47:145-154 | Full text in pdf format

Dodge KL, Landry S, Lynch B, Innis CJ, Sampson K, Sandilands D, Sharp B
Disentanglement network data to characterize leatherback sea turtle Dermochelys coriacea bycatch in fixed-gear fisheries
ESR 47:155-170 | Full text in pdf format

Jorgensen SJ, Micheli F, White TD, Van Houtan KS, Alfaro-Shigueto J, Andrzejaczek S, Arnoldi NS, Baum JK, Block B, Britten GL, Butner C, Caballero S, Cardeñosa D, Chapple TK, Clarke S, Cortés E, Dulvy NK, Fowler S, Gallagher AJ, Gilman E, Godley BJ, Graham RT, Hammerschlag N, Harry AV, Heithaus MR, Hutchinson M, Huveneers C, Lowe CG, Lucifora LO, MacKeracher T, Mangel JC, Barbosa Martins AP, McCauley DJ, McClenachan L, Mull C, Natanson LJ, Pauly D, Pazmiño DA, Pistevos JCA, Queiroz N, Roff G, Shea BD, Simpfendorfer CA, Sims DW, Ward-Paige C, Worm B, Ferretti F
REVIEW: Emergent research and priorities for shark and ray conservation
ESR 47:171-203 | Full text in pdf format

Pritchard AM, Sanchez CL, Bunbury N, Burt AJ, Currie JC, Doak N, Fleischer-Dogley F, Metcalfe K, Mortimer JA, Richards H, van de Crommenacker J, Godley BJ
Green turtle population recovery at Aldabra Atoll continues after 50 yr of protection
ESR 47:205-215 | Full text in pdf format

Hamann M, Shimada T, Duce S, Foster A, To ATY, Limpus C
Patterns of nesting behaviour and nesting success for green turtles at Raine Island, Australia
ESR 47:217-229 | Full text in pdf format

Rohner CA, Venables SK, Cochran JEM, Prebble CEM, Kuguru BL, Berumen ML, Pierce SJ
The need for long-term population monitoring of the world’s largest fish
ESR 47:231-248 | Full text in pdf format

Lassauce H, Dudgeon CL, Armstrong AJ, Wantiez L, Carroll EL
Evidence of fine-scale genetic structure for reef manta rays Mobula alfredi in New Caledonia
ESR 47:249-264 | Full text in pdf format

Delarue JJ-Y, Moors-Murphy H, Kowarski KA, Davis GE, Urazghildiiev IR, Martin SB
Acoustic occurrence of baleen whales, particularly blue, fin, and humpback whales, off eastern Canada, 2015-2017
ESR 47:265-289 | Full text in pdf format

Zeng X, Chunyang L, Hao Y, Wang D, Fan F, Wang C, Deng Z, Guo H, Wang Z
NOTE: Pregnancy diagnosis and fetal monitoring in Yangtze finless porpoises
ESR 47:291-296 | Full text in pdf format

van de Geer CH, Bourjea J, Broderick AC, Dalleau M, Fernandes RS, Harris LR, Inteca GE, Kiponda FK, Louro CMM, Mortimer JA, Msangameno D, Mwasi LD, Nel R, Okemwa GM, Olendo M, Pereira MAM, Rees AF, Silva I, Singh S, West L, Williams JL, Godley BJ
REVIEW: Marine turtles of the African east coast: current knowledge and priorities for conservation and research
ESR 47:297-331 | Full text in pdf format

Prampramote J, Boonhoh W, Intongead S, Sakornwimol W, Prachamkhai P, Sansamur C, Hayakijkosol O, Wongtawan T
Association of ocean macroplastic debris with stranded sea turtles in the Central Gulf of Thailand
ESR 47:333-343 | Full text in pdf format