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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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Correction to MEPS HEAT: AV1 (2022) - DOI:

Lingering impacts of the 2014-2016 northeast Pacific marine heatwave on seabird demographz in Cook Inlet, Alaska (USA)


S. K. Schoen*, M. L. Arimitsu, C. E. Marsteller, J. F. Piatt



*Corresponding author: sschoen(at)


November 22, 2022:

On p. 2 (second paragraph), the species name for capelin is incorrectly given as Mallotus villosus. The correct species name should be Mallotus catervarius.


Furthermore, the reference Arimitsu et al. (2022) should actually be 2021. The rest of the reference is correct This means that there are now 3 Arimitsu references for 2021. The corrected reference becomes Arimitsu et al. (2021b), and the reference formerlz referred to as 2021b should now be 2021c.


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