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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS 119:37-44 (1995)  -  doi:10.3354/meps119037

Use of otolith strontium:calcium ratios for hindcasting larval cod Gadus morhua distributions relative to water masses on Georges Bank

Townsend, D. W., Radtke, R. L., Malone, D. P., Wallinga, J. P.

The concentration ratios of strontium to calcium in laboratory-reared larval cod otoliths are shown to be related to the water temperature (T) at the time of otolith precipitation. This relationship is curvilinear, and is best described by a simple exponential equation of the form (Sr/Ca x 1000 = a exp(-T/b). We show that when Sr/Ca elemental analyses are related to the daily growth increments in the larval otoliths, relative temperature histories of individual field-caught larvae can be reconstructed from the egg stage to the time of capture. We present preliminary examples of how such reconstructed temperature histories of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua larvae, collected on Georges Bank during April and May 1993, may be interpreted in relation to the broad-scale larval distributions and the hydrography of the Bank.

Cod . Gadus morhua . Georges Bank . Otolith . Sr/Ca ratios . Hydrography . Temperature histories

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