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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 268 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 268 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 2004 Inter-Research
Published March 09

All abstracts and full article pdfs in this issue are available to all users, compliments of Inter-Research.


Van Den Broeck N, Moutin T, Rodier M, Le Bouteiller A
Seasonal variations of phosphate availability in the SW Pacific Ocean near New Caledonia
MEPS 268:1-12 | Full text in pdf format

Sandberg J, Andersson A, Johansson S, Wikner J
Pelagic food web structure and carbon budget in the northern Baltic Sea: potential importance of terrigenous carbon
MEPS 268:13-29 | Full text in pdf format

Tang DL, Kawamura H, Van Dien T, Lee MA
Offshore phytoplankton biomass increase and its oceanographic causes in the South China Sea
MEPS 268:31-41 | Full text in pdf format

Yakovleva I, Hidaka M
Differential recovery of PSII function and electron transport rate in symbiotic dinoflagellates as a possible determinant of bleaching susceptibility of corals
MEPS 268:43-53 | Full text in pdf format

Bulit C, Díaz-Ávalos C, Montagnes DJS
Assessing spatial and temporal patchiness of the autotrophic ciliate Myrionecta rubra: a case study in a coastal lagoon
MEPS 268:55-67 | Full text in pdf format

Thornber CS, Kinlan BP, Graham MH, Stachowicz JJ
Population ecology of the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida in California: environmental and biological controls on demography
MEPS 268:69-80 | Full text in pdf format

Peterson CH, Luettich RA Jr, Micheli F, Skilleter GA
Attenuation of water flow inside seagrass canopies of differing structure
MEPS 268:81-92 | Full text in pdf format

Nishizaki MT, Ackerman JD
Juvenile-adult associations in sea urchins Strongylocentrotus franciscanus and S. droebachiensis: Is nutrition involved?
MEPS 268:93-103 | Full text in pdf format

Levy O, Dubinsky Z, Schneider K, Achituv Y, Zakai D, Gorbunov MY
Diurnal hysteresis in coral photosynthesis
MEPS 268:105-117 | Full text in pdf format

Castilla JC, Lagos NA, Cerda M
Marine ecosystem engineering by the alien ascidian Pyura praeputialis on a mid-intertidal rocky shore
MEPS 268:119-130 | Full text in pdf format

Holmes SP, Dekker R, Williams ID
Population dynamics and genetic differentiation in the bivalve mollusc Abra tenuis: aplanic dispersal
MEPS 268:131-140 | Full text in pdf format

Brokordt K, Guderley H
Binding of glycolytic enzymes in adductor muscle of Iceland scallop Chlamys islandica is altered by reproductive status
MEPS 268:141-149 | Full text in pdf format

Przeslawski R, Davis AR, Benkendorff K
Effects of ultraviolet radiation and visible light on the development of encapsulated molluscan embryos
MEPS 268:151-160 | Full text in pdf format

Ng TYT, Wang WX
Detoxification and effects of Ag, Cd, and Zn pre-exposure on metal uptake kinetics in the clam Ruditapes philippinarum
MEPS 268:161-172 | Full text in pdf format

Underwood AJ
Landing on one's foot: small-scale topographic features of habitat and the dispersion of juvenile intertidal gastropods
MEPS 268:173-182 | Full text in pdf format

Eiane K, Ohman MD
Stage-specific mortality of Calanus finmarchicus, Pseudocalanus elongatus and Oithona similis on Fladen Ground, North Sea, during a spring bloom
MEPS 268:183-193 | Full text in pdf format

Tester PA, Cohen JH, Cervetto G
Reverse vertical migration and hydrographic distribution of Anomalocera ornata (Copepoda: Pontellidae) in the US South Atlantic Bight
MEPS 268:195-204 | Full text in pdf format

Webb AP, Eyre BD
Effect of natural populations of burrowing thalassinidean shrimp on sediment irrigation, benthic metabolism, nutrient fluxes and denitrification
MEPS 268:205-220 | Full text in pdf format

Syms C, Jones GP
Habitat structure, disturbance and the composition of sand-dwelling goby assemblages in a coral reef lagoon
MEPS 268:221-230 | Full text in pdf format

Ryer CH, Stoner AW, Titgen RH
Behavioral mechanisms underlying the refuge value of benthic habitat structure for two flatfishes with differing anti-predator strategies
MEPS 268:231-243 | Full text in pdf format

Bethea DM, Buckel JA, Carlson JK
Foraging ecology of the early life stages of four sympatric shark species
MEPS 268:245-264 | Full text in pdf format

Grémillet D, Dell'Omo G, Ryan PG, Peters G, Ropert-Coudert Y, Weeks SJ
Offshore diplomacy or how seabirds mitigate intra-specific competition: a case study based on GPS tracking of Cape gannets from neighbouring colonies
MEPS 268:265-279 | Full text in pdf format

Jaquemet S, Le Corre M, Weimerskirch H
Seabird community structure in a coastal tropical environment: importance of natural factors and fish aggregating devices (FADs)
MEPS 268:281-292 | Full text in pdf format

Vergani DF, Stanganelli ZB, Bilenca D
Effects of El Niño and La Niña events on the sex ratio of southern elephant seals at King George Island
MEPS 268:293-300 | Full text in pdf format