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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 281 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 281 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 2004 Inter-Research
Published November 01

All abstracts and full article pdfs in this issue are available to all users, compliments of Inter-Research.


Marchetti A, Trainer VL, Harrison PJ
Environmental conditions and phytoplankton dynamics associated with Pseudo-nitzschia abundance and domoic acid in the Juan de Fuca eddy
MEPS 281:1-12 | Full text in pdf format

Barlow RG, Aiken J, Moore GF, Holligan PM, Lavender S
Pigment adaptations in surface phytoplankton along the eastern boundary of the Atlantic Ocean
MEPS 281:13-26 | Full text in pdf format

Elmetri I, Bell PRF
Effects of phosphorus on the growth and nitrogen fixation rates of Lyngbya majuscula: implications for management in Moreton Bay, Queensland
MEPS 281:27-35 | Full text in pdf format

Roleda MY, van de Poll WH, Hanelt D, Wiencke C
PAR and UVBR effects on photosynthesis, viability, growth and DNA in different life stages of coexisting Gigartinales: implications for recruitment and zonation pattern
MEPS 281:37-50 | Full text in pdf format

Coyer JA, Diekmann OE, Serrão EA, Procaccini G, Milchakova N, Pearson GA, Stam WT, Olsen JL
Population genetics of dwarf eelgrass Zostera noltii throughout its biogeographic range
MEPS 281:51-62 | Full text in pdf format

Jones RJ, Bowyer J, Hoegh-Guldberg O, Blackall LL
Dynamics of a temperature-related coral disease outbreak
MEPS 281:63-77 | Full text in pdf format

Gallucci F, Netto SA
Effects of the passage of cold fronts over a coastal site: an ecosystem approach
MEPS 281:79-92 | Full text in pdf format

Cerrato RM, Caron DA, Lonsdale DJ, Rose JM, Schaffner RA
Effect of the northern quahog Mercenaria mercenaria on the development of blooms of the brown tide alga Aureococcus anophagefferens
MEPS 281:93-108 | Full text in pdf format

Hudson IR, Pond DW, Billett DSM, Tyler PA, Lampitt RS, Wolff GA
Temporal variations in fatty acid composition of deep-sea holothurians: evidence of bentho-pelagic coupling
MEPS 281:109-120 | Full text in pdf format

Bulleri F, Chapman MG, Underwood AJ
Patterns of movement of the limpet Cellana tramoserica on rocky shores and retaining seawalls
MEPS 281:121-129 | Full text in pdf format

Schmidt K, Tarling GA, Plathner N, Atkinson A
Moult cycle-related changes in feeding rates of larval krill Meganyctiphanes norvegica and Thysanoessa spp.
MEPS 281:131-143 | Full text in pdf format

Roast SD, Widdows J, Pope N, Jones MB
Sediment-biota interactions: mysid feeding activity enhances water turbidity and sediment erodability
MEPS 281:145-154 | Full text in pdf format

Viitasalo S, Viitasalo M
Predation by the mysid shrimps Mysis mixta and M. relicta on benthic eggs of Bosmina longispina maritima (Cladocera) in the northern Baltic Sea
MEPS 281:155-163 | Full text in pdf format

Papaspyrou S, Thessalou-Legaki M, Kristensen E
Impact of Pestarella tyrrhena on benthic metabolism in sediment microcosms enriched with seagrass and macroalgal detritus
MEPS 281:165-179 | Full text in pdf format

Moksnes PO
Interference competition for space in nursery habitats: density-dependent effects on growth and dispersal in juvenile shore crabs Carcinus maenas
MEPS 281:181-191 | Full text in pdf format

Karaiskou N, Triantafyllidis A, Triantaphyllidis C
Shallow genetic structure of 3 species of the genus Trachurus in European waters
MEPS 281:193-205 | Full text in pdf format

Miller AK, Sydeman WJ
Rockfish response to low-frequency ocean climate change as revealed by the diet of a marine bird over multiple time scales
MEPS 281:207-216 | Full text in pdf format

Jung S, Houde ED
Production of bay anchovy Anchoa mitchilli in Chesapeake Bay: application of size-based theory
MEPS 281:217-232 | Full text in pdf format

Harris LA, Buckley B, Nixon SW, Allen BT
Experimental studies of predation by bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix in varying densities of seagrass and macroalgae
MEPS 281:233-239 | Full text in pdf format

Galbraith PS, Browman HI, Racca RG, Skiftesvik AB, Saint-Pierre JF
Effect of turbulence on the energetics of foraging in Atlantic cod Gadus morhua larvae
MEPS 281:241-257 | Full text in pdf format

Peck DR, Smithers BV, Krockenberger AK, Congdon BC
Sea surface temperature constrains wedge-tailed shearwater foraging success within breeding seasons
MEPS 281:259-266 | Full text in pdf format

Zhao L, Schell DM
Stable isotope ratios in harbor seal Phoca vitulina vibrissae: effects of growth patterns on ecological records
MEPS 281:267-273 | Full text in pdf format

Mitani Y, Watanabe Y, Sato K, Cameron MF, Naito Y
3D diving behavior of Weddell seals with respect to prey accessibility and abundance
MEPS 281:275-281 | Full text in pdf format

Das K, Siebert U, Fontaine M, Jauniaux T, Holsbeek L, Bouquegneau JM
Ecological and pathological factors related to trace metal concentrations in harbour porpoises Phocoena phocoena from the North Sea and adjacent areas
MEPS 281:283-295 | Full text in pdf format


Thiemann GW, Budge SM, Bowen WD, Iverson SJ
Comment on Grahl-Nielsen et al. (2003) 'Fatty acid composition of the adipose tissue of polar bears and of their prey: ringed seals, bearded seals and harp seals'
MEPS 281:297-301 | Full text in pdf format


Grahl-Nielsen O, Andersen M, Derocher AE, Lydersen C, Wiig Ø, Kovacs KM
Reply to Comment on Grahl-Nielsen et al. (2003): sampling, data treatment and predictions in investigations on fatty acids in marine mammals
MEPS 281:303-306 | Full text in pdf format

Behrens et al., Vol. 279:129-139 (2004)
MEPS 281:307 | Full text in pdf format