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MEPS - Vol. 297 - Feature article
Secondary production in the detrital mats from the Scripps Submarine Canyon (California) is among the highest reported from natural environments.Here, crustaceans such as Nebalia hessleri (inset) can reach densities up to 3.5 x 106 ind. m-2 and an annual production of 4.3 kg dry weight m-2 yr-1. Photos: EW Vetter and D Stokes (Scripps Institution of Oceanography). Used by permission.

Cusson M, Bourget E


Global patterns of macroinvertebrate production in marine benthic habitats


Secondary production integrates numerous biotic and environmental parameters which influence growth and mortality within populations. Mathieu Cusson and Edwin Bourget undertook a meta-analysis of macroinvertebrate production that includes 207 taxa from 170 sites. Production/biomass ratio (P/B) differences were explored among taxonomic groups, feeding guilds, substrate types and latitudinal classes. Crude potential production in various habitats was also assessed. Biotic variables, such as life span and body mass, were more important in describing production and variability in P/B than environmental variables such as depth and temperature.


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