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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 381 - Feature article
Liver tumours in Limanda limanda are recorded as part of the annual Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme in the UK. Photo: G. D. Stentiford

Stentiford GD, Bignell JP, Lyons BP, Feist SW


Site-specific disease profiles in fish and their use in environmental monitoring


Fish diseases are an indicator of marine ecosystem health. In an analysis of a 5 yr dataset on the flatfish Limanda limanda, Stentiford and colleagues demonstrate that disease profiles (e.g. cancerous lesions of the liver) are indicative of geographically distinct marine sites, and are relatively stable over time. Analysis of stable disease patterns in marine fishes from defined locations can serve as a tool for environmental monitoring and management of shelf seas and the open ocean.


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