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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 382 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 382 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 2009 Inter-Research. Published April 30

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Treude T, Smith CR, Wenzhöfer F, Carney E, Bernardino AF, Hannides AK, Krüger M, Boetius A
Biogeochemistry of a deep-sea whale fall: sulfate reduction, sulfide efflux and methanogenesis
MEPS 382:1-21 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Agedah EC, Binalaiyifa HE, Ball AS, Nedwell DB
Sources, turnover and bioavailability of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in the Colne estuary, UK
MEPS 382:23-33 | Full text in pdf format

Franklin DJ, Choi CJ, Hughes C, Malin G, Berges JA
Effect of dead phytoplankton cells on the apparent efficiency of photosystem II
MEPS 382:35-40 | Full text in pdf format

Semesi IS, Beer S, Björk M,
Seagrass photosynthesis controls rates of calcification and photosynthesis of calcareous macroalgae in a tropical seagrass meadow
MEPS 382:41-47 | Full text in pdf format

Ganesan M, Thiruppathi S, Eswaran K, Reddy CRK, Jha B
Cultivation of Gelidiella acerosa in the open sea on the southeastern coast of India
MEPS 382:49-57 | Full text in pdf format

Marino MC II, Juanes F, Stokesbury KDE
Spatio-temporal variations of sea star Asterias spp. distributions between sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus beds on Georges Bank
MEPS 382:59-68 | Full text in pdf format

Sommer S, Linke P, Pfannkuche O, Schleicher T, Schneider v. Deimling J, Reitz A, Haeckel M, Flögel S, Hensen C
Seabed methane emissions and the habitat of frenulate tubeworms on the Captain Arutyunov mud volcano (Gulf of Cadiz)
MEPS 382:69-86 | Full text in pdf format

Compton TJ, Troost TA, Drent J, Kraan C, Bocher P, Leyrer J, Dekinga A, Piersma T
Repeatable sediment associations of burrowing bivalves across six European tidal flat systems
MEPS 382:87-98 | Full text in pdf format

Rinke C, Lee RW
Pathways, activities and thermal stability of anaerobic and aerobic enzymes in thermophilic vent paralvinellid worms
MEPS 382:99-112 | Full text in pdf format

Scheibling RE, Kelly NE, Raymond BG
Herbivory and community organization on a subtidal cobble bed
MEPS 382:113-128 | Full text in pdf format

Bonaviri C, Vega Fernández T, Badalamenti F, Gianguzza P, Di Lorenzo M, Riggio S
Fish versus starfish predation in controlling sea urchin populations in Mediterranean rocky shores
MEPS 382:129-138 | Full text in pdf format

Jónasdóttir SH, Visser AW, Jespersen C
Assessing the role of food quality in the production and hatching of Temora longicornis eggs
MEPS 382:139-150 | Full text in pdf format

El-Sabaawi R, Dower JF, Kainz M, Mazumder A
Interannual variability in fatty acid composition of the copepod Neocalanus plumchrus in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia
MEPS 382:151-161 | Full text in pdf format

Auster PJ, Link JS
Compensation and recovery of feeding guilds in a northwest Atlantic shelf fish community
MEPS 382:163-172 | Full text in pdf format

Díaz E, Txurruka JM, Villate F
Biochemical composition and somatic growth of pelagic larvae of three fish species from the Bay of Biscay
MEPS 382:173-183 | Full text in pdf format

Schaffler JJ, Reiss CS, Jones CM
Spatial variation in otolith chemistry of Atlantic croaker larvae in the Mid-Atlantic Bight
MEPS 382:185-195 | Full text in pdf format

Gómez-Díaz E, González-Solís J, Peinado MA
Population structure in a highly pelagic seabird, the Cory’s shearwater Calonectris diomedea: an examination of genetics, morphology and ecology
MEPS 382:197-209 | Full text in pdf format

Davies WE, Hipfner JM, Hobson KA, Ydenberg RC
Seabird seasonal trophodynamics: isotopic patterns in a community of Pacific alcids
MEPS 382:211-219 | Full text in pdf format

Large-scale studies of the European benthos: the MacroBen database
Idea and Coordination: Paul J. Somerfield, Christos Arvanitidis, Edward Vanden Berghe
Contributors: I.F. Aleffi, J.M. Amouroux, N. Anisimova, W. Appeltans, C. Arvanitidis, G. Bachelet, L. Bigot, A. Bjørgesæter, K.H. Bryne, M. Büntzow, G. Chatzigeorgiou, S. Claus , S.J. Cochrane, M.J. Costello, J.A. Craeymeersch, S. Dahle, S. Degraer, S.G. Denisenko, T. Deprez, C. Dounas, G. Duineveld, C. Emblow, V. Escaravage, M.C. Fabri, S. Faulwetter, D. Fleischer, J. Gil, J.S. Gray, A. Grémare, C.H.R. Heip, P.M.J. Herman, M. Herrmann, H. Hummel, U. Janas, I. Karakassis, M. Kedra, M.A. Kendall, P. Kingston, L. Kotwicki, C. Labrune, N. Lampadariou, J. Laudien, A.S.Y. Mackie, O. Maire, B. Merckx, E.L. Nevrova, A. Nicolaidou, A. Occhipinti-Ambrogi, G.P. Oliver, F. Olsgard, R. Palerud, A. Petrov, E. Rachor, P.E. Renaud, N.K. Revkov, A. Rose, H. Rumohr, R. Sardá, N. Simboura, W.C.H. Sistermans, P.J. Somerfield, J. Speybroeck, S. Taboada, V. Valavanis, J. Vanaverbeke, E. Van den Berghe, G. Van Hoey, K. Vasileiadou, M. Vincx, T.J. Webb, P. Whomersley, W. Willems, M. Wlodarska-Kowalczuk, J.M. Weslawski, A. Zenetos, M.L. Zettler

MEPS 382:221-311 | Complete Theme Section in pdf format (4.04MB)

Somerfield PJ, Arvanitidis C, Vanden Berghe E, Van Avesaath P, Hummel H, Heip CHR
INTRODUCTION: MarBEF, databases, and the legacy of John Gray
MEPS 382:221-224 | Full text in pdf format

Vanden Berghe E, Claus S, Appeltans W, Faulwetter S, Arvanitidis C, Somerfield PJ and others
MacroBen integrated database on benthic invertebrates of European continental shelves: a tool for large-scale analysis across Europe
MEPS 382:225-238 | Full text in pdf format

Renaud PE, Webb TJ, Bjørgesæter A, Karakassis I, Kędra M, Kendall MA, Labrune C, Lampadariou N , Somerfield PJ, Włodarska-Kowalczuk M, Vanden Berghe E , Claus S and others
Continental-scale patterns in benthic invertebrate diversity: insights from the MacroBen database
MEPS 382:239-252 | Full text in pdf format

Escaravage V, Herman PMJ, Merckx B, Wlodarska-Kowalczuk M, Amouroux JM, Degraer S, Grémare A, Heip CHR, Hummel H, Karakassis I, Labrune C, Willems W
Distribution patterns of macrofaunal species diversity in subtidal soft sediments: biodiversity-productivity relationships from the MacroBen database
MEPS 382:253-264 | Full text in pdf format

Arvanitidis C, Somerfield PJ, Rumohr H, Faulwetter S, Valavanis V, Vasileiadou A, Chatzigeorgiou G, Vanden Berghe E and others
Biological geography of the European seas: results from the MacroBen database
MEPS 382:265-278 | Full text in pdf format

Somerfield PJ, Arvanitidis C, Faulwetter S, Chatzigeorgiou G, Vasileiadou A and others
Assessing evidence for random assembly of marine benthic communities from regional species pools
MEPS 382:279-286 | Full text in pdf format

Webb TJ and others
Macroecology of the European soft sediment benthos: insights from the MacroBen database
MEPS 382:287-296 | Full text in pdf format

Grémare A, Labrune C, Vanden Berghe E, Amouroux JM, Bachelet G, Zettler ML, Vanaverbeke J, Fleischer D, Bigot L, Maire O, Deflandre B and others
Comparison of the performances of two biotic indices based on the MacroBen database
MEPS 382:297-311 | Full text in pdf format