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MEPS 389:301-306 (2009)  -  DOI:

Perspectives on mosquito impoundments in eastern Florida, USA: Reply to Rey et al. (2009)

Karen L. McKee1,*, Beth A. Middleton1, C. Edward Proffitt2, Donna J. Devlin2

1U. S. Geological Survey, National Wetlands Research Center, 700 Cajundome Boulevard, Lafayette, Louisiana 70506, USA
2Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University, c/o Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution,
5775 Old Dixie Highway, Ft. Pierce, Florida 34946, USA

ABSTRACT: A Comment by Rey et al. (2009; Mar Ecol Prog Ser 389:295–300) documents disagreements with Middleton et al. (2008; Mar Ecol Prog Ser 371:117–129), which explored the characteristics of mangrove swamps managed for mosquito control in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA. Rey et al. (2009) provide no data or evidence that invalidate the conclusions in Middleton et al. (2008). Most of the ‘factual errors’ and ‘methodological problems’ raised by Rey et al. (2009) are either unfounded or minor points, or reflect differences of opinion regarding appropriate sampling designs and techniques. The disagreement between the two research groups derives mainly from different scientific viewpoints. One is based on a parochial view guided by the immediate needs of local site managers; the other takes a wider view of ecology, which uses a landscape-level approach to develop information with broader application. This Reply Comment clarifies several issues, refocuses attention on the scientific aspects of this discussion, and summarizes information needed to develop a wider perspective for future management of coastal impoundments, especially given anticipated changes in climate, sea level, and other global factors. We discuss the challenges of studying complex ecological systems with the goal of providing useful information to managers, who must often make difficult decisions.

KEY WORDS: Climate change · Sea level rise · Hurricanes · Landscape ecology · Wetland management · Mangrove · Marsh

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Cite this article as: McKee KL, Middleton BA, Proffitt CE, Devlin DJ (2009) Perspectives on mosquito impoundments in eastern Florida, USA: Reply to Rey et al. (2009). Mar Ecol Prog Ser 389:301-306.

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