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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 430 - Feature article
Sea floor dominated by habitat-forming stony corals Solenosmilia variabilis (upper left) and Madrepora oculata (lower left) on a seamount off New Zealand.

Tracey DM, Rowden AA, Mackay KA, Compton T


Habitat-forming cold-water corals show affinity for seamounts in the New Zealand region


The distribution of 5 habitat-forming stony corals has been determined by Tracey and co-workers to assess their ecological significance and possible impacts of human activities. Data on the depth and geographic distribution, and geomorphic habitat associations of the corals were compiled from various sources. A boosted regression tree model consistently identified depth and seamount occurrence as important factors describing coral distribution. Effective management of biodiversity in New Zealand waters requires knowledge of the spatial distribution of marine organisms such as the deep-sea corals so that this information can be used to help conserve areas of ecologically important habitat that they and other marine organisms provide.


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