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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 442 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 442 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 2011 Inter-Research. Published December 5

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Canepuccia AD, Montemayor D, Pascual J, Farina JL, Iribarne OO
A stem-boring moth drives detritus production in SW Atlantic marshes
MEPS 442:1-9 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Calbet A, Riisgaard K, Saiz E, Zamora S, Stedmon C, Nielsen TG
Phytoplankton growth and microzooplankton grazing along a sub-Arctic fjord (Godthåbsfjord, west Greenland)
MEPS 442:11-22 | Full text in pdf format

Trannum HC, Nilsson HC, Schaanning MT, Norling K
Biological and biogeochemical effects of organic matter and drilling discharges in two sediment communities
MEPS 442:23-36 | Full text in pdf format

Ardyna M, Gosselin M, Michel C, Poulin M, Tremblay JÉ
Environmental forcing of phytoplankton community structure and function in the Canadian High Arctic: contrasting oligotrophic and eutrophic regions
MEPS 442:37-57 | Full text in pdf format

Lannin R, Hovel K
Variable prey density modifies the effects of seagrass habitat structure on predator−prey interactions
MEPS 442:59-70 | Full text in pdf format

Reiss H, Cunze S, König K, Neumann H, Kröncke I
Species distribution modelling of marine benthos: a North Sea case study
MEPS 442:71-86 | Full text in pdf format

Thresher RE, Tilbrook B, Fallon S, Wilson NC, Adkins J
Effects of chronic low carbonate saturation levels on the distribution, growth and skeletal chemistry of deep-sea corals and other seamount megabenthos
MEPS 442:87-99 | Full text in pdf format

Cole VJ, McQuaid CD
Broad-scale spatial factors outweigh the influence of habitat structure on the fauna associated with a bioengineer
MEPS 442:101-109 | Full text in pdf format

Matthews JA, Hentschel BT
Measuring in situ growth rates of an infaunal polychaete at different intertidal elevations
MEPS 442:111-121 | Full text in pdf format

Sichlau MH, Kiørboe T
Age- and size-dependent mating performance and fertility in a pelagic copepod, Temora longicornis
MEPS 442:123-132 | Full text in pdf format

Abrantes KG, Barnett A
Intrapopulation variations in diet and habitat use in a marine apex predator, the broadnose sevengill shark Notorynchus cepedianus
MEPS 442:133-148 | Full text in pdf format

Benoît HP, Swain DP, Bowen WD, Breed GA, Hammill MO, Harvey V
Evaluating the potential for grey seal predation to explain elevated natural mortality in three fish species in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence
MEPS 442:149-167 | Full text in pdf format

Tremblay-Boyer L, Gascuel D, Watson R, Christensen V, Pauly D
Modelling the effects of fishing on the biomass of the world's oceans from 1950 to 2006
MEPS 442:169-185 | Full text in pdf format

Bekkevold D, Clausen LAW, Mariani S, André C, Hatfield EMC, Torstensen E, Ryman N, Carvalho GR, Ruzzante DE
Genetic mixed-stock analysis of Atlantic herring populations in a mixed feeding area
MEPS 442:187-199 | Full text in pdf format

Burford MO, Carr MH, Bernardi G
Age-structured genetic analysis reveals temporal and geographic variation within and between two cryptic rockfish species
MEPS 442:201-215 | Full text in pdf format

Beer NA, Wing SR, Swearer SE
Otolith elemental evidence for spatial structuring in a temperate reef fish population
MEPS 442:217-227 | Full text in pdf format

Moreno R, Jover L, Velando A, Munilla I, Sanpera C
Influence of trophic ecology and spatial variation on the isotopic fingerprints of seabirds
MEPS 442:229-239 | Full text in pdf format

McKnight A, Irons DB, Allyn AJ, Sullivan KM, Suryan RM
Winter dispersal and activity patterns of post-breeding black-legged kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla from Prince William Sound, Alaska
MEPS 442:241-253 | Full text in pdf format

Machovsky Capuska GE, Vaughn RL, Würsig B, Katzir G, Raubenheimer D
Dive strategies and foraging effort in the Australasian gannet Morus serrator revealed by underwater videography
MEPS 442:255-261 | Full text in pdf format

Cook K, Vanderklift MA, Poore AGB
Strong effects of herbivorous amphipods on epiphyte biomass in a temperate seagrass meadow
MEPS 442:263-269 | Full text in pdf format

Verdelhos T, Cardoso PG, Dolbeth M, Pardal MA
Latitudinal gradients in Scrobicularia plana reproduction patterns, population dynamics, growth, and secondary production
MEPS 442:271-283 | Full text in pdf format

Trenkel VM, Ressler PH, Jech M, Giannoulaki M, Taylor C
Underwater acoustics for ecosystem-based management: state of the science and proposals for ecosystem indicators
MEPS 442:285-301 | Full text in pdf format