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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 458 - Feature article
Antarctic krill Euphausia superba under a piece of sea ice in an aquarium. Photo: Jan Andries van Franeker

Flores H, Atkinson A, Kawaguchi S, Krafft BA, Milinevsky G, Nicol S, Reiss C, Tarling GA, Werner R, Bravo Rebolledo E, Cirelli V, ­Cuzin-Roudy J, Fielding S, van Franeker JA, Groeneveld JJ, Haraldsson M, Lombana A, Marschoff E, Meyer B, Pakhomov EA, Van de Putte AP, Rombolá E, Schmidt K, Siegel V, Teschke M, Tonkes H, Toullec JY, Trathan PN, Tremblay N, Werner T


Impact of climate change on Antarctic krill


Antarctic krill Euphausia superba is a key species and a major fisheries resource in the Southern Ocean ecosystem. Krill is facing substantial impacts of climate change, such as ocean warming and loss of sea ice. Flores and co-authors conclude that the cumulative effect of climate change on krill will be negative, while a growing krill fishery may further intensify stress on krill populations. To abate the impacts on the Antarctic ecosystem, the authors recommend closing critical gaps in our knowledge of krill biology and ecology, maintaining precautionary management measures, and implementing an adaptive fisheries management.


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