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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 506 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 506 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Clemente S, Lorenzo-Morales J, Mendoza JC, López C, Sangil C, Alves F, Kaufmann M, Hernández JC
Sea urchin Diadema africanum mass mortality in the subtropical eastern Atlantic: role of waterborne bacteria in a warming ocean
MEPS 506:1-14 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Weidberg N, Lobón C, López E, García Flórez L, Fernández Rueda MdP, Largier J, Acuña JL
Effect of nearshore surface slicks on meroplankton distribution: role of larval behaviour
MEPS 506:15-30 | Full text in pdf format

Espinasse B, Carlotti F, Zhou M, Devenon JL
Defining zooplankton habitats in the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean Sea) using size structure and environmental conditions
MEPS 506:31-46 | Full text in pdf format

Bertocci I, Seabra MI, Dominguez R, Jacinto D, Ramírez R, Coca J, Tuya F
Effects of loss of algal canopies along temperature and irradiation gradients in continental Portugal and the Canary Islands
MEPS 506:47-60 | Full text in pdf format

Bekkby T, Rinde E, Gundersen H, Norderhaug KM, Gitmark JK, Christie H
Length, strength and water flow: relative importance of wave and current exposure on morphology in kelp Laminaria hyperborea
MEPS 506:61-70 | Full text in pdf format

Clausen KK, Krause-Jensen D, Olesen B, Marbà N
Seasonality of eelgrass biomass across gradients in temperature and latitude
MEPS 506:71-85 | Full text in pdf format

Sinclair EA, Krauss SL, Anthony J, Hovey R, Kendrick GA
The interaction of environment and genetic diversity within meadows of the seagrass Posidonia australis (Posidoniaceae)
MEPS 506:87-98 | Full text in pdf format

Quiroga E, Gerdes D, Montiel A, Knust R, Jacob U
Normalized biomass size spectra in high Antarctic macrobenthic communities: linking trophic position and body size
MEPS 506:99-113 | Full text in pdf format

Steneck RS, Arnold SN, Mumby PJ
Experiment mimics fishing on parrotfish: insights on coral reef recovery and alternative attractors
MEPS 506:115-127 | Full text in pdf format

Edmunds PJ, Pochon X, Levitan DR, Yost DM, Belcaid M, Putnam HM, Gates RD
Long-term changes in Symbiodinium communities in Orbicella annularis in St. John, US Virgin Islands
MEPS 506:129-144 | Full text in pdf format

Georgian SE, Shedd W, Cordes EE
High-resolution ecological niche modelling of the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa in the Gulf of Mexico
MEPS 506:145-161 | Full text in pdf format

Gestoso I, Arenas F, Olabarria C
Biotic resistance and facilitation of a non-indigenous mussel vary with environmental context
MEPS 506:163-173 | Full text in pdf format

Sturaro N, Lepoint G, Pérez-Perera A, Vermeulen S, Panzalis P, Navone A, Gobert S
Seagrass amphipod assemblages in a Mediterranean marine protected area: a multiscale approach
MEPS 506:175-192 | Full text in pdf format

Thompson AR, Auth TD, Brodeur RD, Bowlin NM, Watson W
Dynamics of larval fish assemblages in the California Current System: a comparative study between Oregon and southern California
MEPS 506:193-212 | Full text in pdf format

Cameron MJ, Lucieer V, Barrett NS, Johnson CR, Edgar GJ
Understanding community-habitat associations of temperate reef fishes using fine-resolution bathymetric measures of physical structure
MEPS 506:213-229 | Full text in pdf format

Jewell OJD, Wcisel MA, Towner AV, Chivell W, van der Merwe L, Bester MN
Core habitat use of an apex predator in a complex marine landscape
MEPS 506:231-242 | Full text in pdf format

Cure K, McIlwain JL, Hixon MA
Habitat plasticity in native Pacific red lionfish Pterois volitans facilitates successful invasion of the Atlantic
MEPS 506:243-253 | Full text in pdf format

Bulleri F, Benedetti-Cecchi L
Chasing fish and catching data: recreational spearfishing videos as a tool for assessing the structure of fish assemblages on shallow rocky reefs
MEPS 506:255-265 | Full text in pdf format

Bentley BP, Harvey ES, Newman SJ, Welch DJ, Smith AK, Kennington WJ
Local genetic patchiness but no regional differences between Indo-West Pacific populations of the dogtooth tuna Gymnosarda unicolor
MEPS 506:267-277 | Full text in pdf format

Grabowski TB, Thorsteinsson V, Marteinsdóttir G
Spawning behavior in Atlantic cod: analysis by use of data storage tags
MEPS 506:279-290 | Full text in pdf format

Goyert HF
Relationship among prey availability, habitat, and the foraging behavior, distribution, and abundance of common terns Sterna hirundo and roseate terns S. dougallii
MEPS 506:291-302 | Full text in pdf format