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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 515 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 515 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 2014 Inter-Research. Published November 18

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Levitan DR, Boudreau W, Jara J, Knowlton N
Long-term reduced spawning in Orbicella coral species due to temperature stress
MEPS 515:1-10 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Ross RM, Quetin LB, Newberger T, Shaw TC, Jones JL, Oakes SA, Moore KJ
Trends, cycles, interannual variability for three pelagic species west of the Antarctic Peninsula 1993−2008
MEPS 515:11-32 | Full text in pdf format

Silbiger NJ, Guadayol Ò, Thomas FIM, Donahue MJ
Reefs shift from net accretion to net erosion along a natural environmental gradient
MEPS 515:33-44 | Full text in pdf format

Moore EK, Harvey HR, Faux JF, Goodlett DR, Nunn BL
Protein recycling in Bering Sea algal incubations
MEPS 515:45-59 | Full text in pdf format

Huete-Ortega M, Rodríguez-Ramos T, López-Sandoval DC, Cermeño P, Blanco JM, Palomino RL, Rodríguez J, Marañón E
Distinct patterns in the size-scaling of abundance and metabolism in coastal and open-ocean phytoplankton communities
MEPS 515:61-71 | Full text in pdf format

Xu J, Gao K, Li Y, Hutchins DA
Physiological and biochemical responses of diatoms to projected ocean changes
MEPS 515:73-81 | Full text in pdf format

Pino-Pinuer P, Escribano R, Hidalgo P, Riquelme-Bugueño R, Schneider W
Copepod community response to variable upwelling conditions off central-southern Chile during 2002−2004 and 2010−2012
MEPS 515:83-95 | Full text in pdf format

Stephens TA, Hepburn CD
Mass-transfer gradients across kelp beds influence Macrocystis pyrifera growth over small spatial scales
MEPS 515:97-109 | Full text in pdf format

Vanderklift MA, Bearham D
Variation in δ13C and δ15N of kelp is explained by light and productivity
MEPS 515:111-121 | Full text in pdf format

Berthelsen AK, Taylor RB
Arthropod mesograzers reduce epiphytic overgrowth of subtidal coralline turf
MEPS 515:123-132 | Full text in pdf format

Smith CR, Bernardino AF, Baco A, Hannides A, Altamira I
Seven-year enrichment: macrofaunal succession in deep-sea sediments around a 30 tonne whale fall in the Northeast Pacific
MEPS 515:133-149 | Full text in pdf format

Rouzé H, Lecellier G, Mills SC, Planes S, Berteaux-Lecellier V, Stewart H
Juvenile Trapezia spp. crabs can increase juvenile host coral survival by protection from predation
MEPS 515:151-159 | Full text in pdf format

Fuentes K, Brante A
Megadisturbances and ecological recovery in the intertidal zone: the role of interspecific competition between bioengineer mussel species
MEPS 515:161-172 | Full text in pdf format

Fitzgibbon QP, Ruff N, Tracey SR, Battaglene SC
Thermal tolerance of the nektonic puerulus stage of spiny lobsters and implications of ocean warming
MEPS 515:173-186 | Full text in pdf format

Claiborne AM, Miller JA, Weitkamp LA, Teel DJ, Emmett RL
Evidence for selective mortality in marine environments: the role of fish migration size, timing, and production type
MEPS 515:187-202 | Full text in pdf format

Le Port A, Montgomery JC, Croucher AE
Biophysical modelling of snapper Pagrus auratus larval dispersal from a temperate MPA
MEPS 515:203-215 | Full text in pdf format

Jonsson B, Jonsson N, Finstad AG
Linking embryonic temperature with adult reproductive investment in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
MEPS 515:217-226 | Full text in pdf format

Schismenou E, Giannoulaki M, Tsiaras K, Lefkaditou E, Triantafyllou G, Somarakis S
Disentangling the effects of inherent otolith growth and model-simulated ecosystem parameters on the daily growth rate of young anchovies
MEPS 515:227-237 | Full text in pdf format

Villegas-Ríos D, Alós J, Palmer M, Lowerre-Barbieri SK, Bañón R, Alonso-Fernández A, Saborido-Rey F
Life-history and activity shape catchability in a sedentary fish
MEPS 515:239-250 | Full text in pdf format

Vincenzi S, Mangel M
Food abundance, kittiwake life histories, and colony dynamics in the Northeastern Pacific: implications of climate change and regime shifts
MEPS 515:251-263 | Full text in pdf format

Orgeret F, Garrigue C, Gimenez O, Pradel R
Robust assessment of population trends in marine mammals applied to New Caledonian humpback whales
MEPS 515:265-273 | Full text in pdf format

Braid HE, Bolstad KSR
Feeding ecology of the largest mastigoteuthid squid species, Idioteuthis cordiformis (Cephalopoda, Mastigoteuthidae)
MEPS 515:275-279 | Full text in pdf format

Tsikliras AC, Stergiou KI
Mean temperature of the catch increases quickly in the Mediterranean Sea
MEPS 515:281-284 | Full text in pdf format