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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 524 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 524 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Parent GJ, Plourde S, Joly P, Turgeon J
Phenology and fitness of Calanus glacialis, C. finmarchicus (Copepoda), and their hybrids in the St. Lawrence Estuary

MEPS 524:1-9 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Kavanaugh MT, Abdala FN, Ducklow H, Glover D, Fraser W, Martinson D, Stammerjohn S, Schofield O, Doney SC
Effect of continental shelf canyons on phytoplankton biomass and community composition along the western Antarctic Peninsula
MEPS 524:11-26 | Full text in pdf format

Juul-Pedersen T, Arendt KE, Mortensen J, Blicher ME, Søgaard DH, Rysgaard S
Seasonal and interannual phytoplankton production in a sub-Arctic tidewater outlet glacier fjord, SW Greenland
MEPS 524:27-38 | Full text in pdf format

Galindo V, Levasseur M, Scarratt M, Mundy CJ, Gosselin M, Kiene RP, Gourdal M, Lizotte M
Under-ice microbial dimethylsulfoniopropionate metabolism during the melt period in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
MEPS 524:39-53 | Full text in pdf format

Bochdansky AB, Clouse MA
New tracer to estimate community predation rates of phagotrophic protists
MEPS 524:55-69 | Full text in pdf format

Smith KE, Brown A, Thatje S
The metabolic cost of developing under hydrostatic pressure: experimental evidence supports macroecological pattern
MEPS 524:71-82 | Full text in pdf format

Steele L, Valentine JF
Seagrass deterrence to mesograzer herbivory: evidence from mesocosm experiments and feeding preference trials
MEPS 524:83-94 | Full text in pdf format

Van der Stocken T, De Ryck DJR, Vanschoenwinkel B, Deboelpaep E, Bouma TJ, Dahdouh-Guebas F, Koedam N
Impact of landscape structure on propagule dispersal in mangrove forests
MEPS 524:95-106 | Full text in pdf format

Oliveira JP, Sousa-Pinto I, Weber GM, Bertocci I
Patterns of recovery of intertidal organisms after compounded anthropogenic disturbances
MEPS 524:107-123 | Full text in pdf format

Nedelec SL, Simpson SD, Holderied M, Radford AN, Lecellier G, Radford C, Lecchini D
Soundscapes and living communities in coral reefs: temporal and spatial variation
MEPS 524:125-135 | Full text in pdf format

Hines DE, Lisa JA, Song B, Tobias CR, Borrett SR
Estimating the effects of seawater intrusion on an estuarine nitrogen cycle by comparative network analysis
MEPS 524:137-154 | Full text in pdf format

Bosch JA, Cornwell JC, Kemp WM
Short-term effects of nereid polychaete size and density on sediment inorganic nitrogen cycling under varying oxygen conditions
MEPS 524:155-169 | Full text in pdf format

Casas SM, La Peyre J, La Peyre MK
Restoration of oyster reefs in an estuarine lake: population dynamics and shell accretion
MEPS 524:171-184 | Full text in pdf format

Smoot SC, Plante CJ, Podolsky RD
Anti-bacterial activity in egg masses of Melanochlamys diomedea across habitats differing in sediment properties and bacterial load
MEPS 524:185-196 | Full text in pdf format

Goldstein JS, Watson WH III
Seasonal movements of American lobsters in southern Gulf of Maine coastal waters: patterns, environmental triggers, and implications for larval release
MEPS 524:197-211 | Full text in pdf format

Aguilar LA, Roberts DG, Minchinton TE, Ayre DJ
Genetic differentiation in the barnacle Catomerus polymerus despite migration across a biogeographic barrier
MEPS 524:213-224 | Full text in pdf format

Cnudde C, Moens T, Werbrouck E, Lepoint G, Van Gansbeke D, De Troch M
Trophodynamics of estuarine intertidal harpacticoid copepods based on stable isotope composition and fatty acid profiles
MEPS 524:225-239 | Full text in pdf format

Fitzpatrick BM, Harvey ES, Langlois TJ, Babcock R, Twiggs E
Effects of fishing on fish assemblages at the reefscape scale
MEPS 524:241-253 | Full text in pdf format

Albo-Puigserver M, Navarro J, Coll M, Aguzzi J, Cardona L, Sáez-Liante R
Feeding ecology and trophic position of three sympatric demersal chondrichthyans in the northwestern Mediterranean
MEPS 524:255-268 | Full text in pdf format

Dehnhard N, Eens M, Demongin L, Quillfeldt P, Suri D, Poisbleau M
Limited individual phenotypic plasticity in the timing of and investment into egg laying in southern rockhopper penguins under climate change
MEPS 524:269-281 | Full text in pdf format