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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 536 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 536 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 2015 Inter-Research. Published September 29

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Franco JN, Wernberg T, Bertocci I, Duarte P, Jacinto D, Vasco-Rodrigues N, Tuya F
Herbivory drives kelp recruits into 'hiding' in a warm ocean climate
MEPS 536:1-9 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Reum JCP, Ferriss BE, McDonald PS, Farrell DM, Harvey CJ, Klinger T, Levin PS
Evaluating community impacts of ocean acidification using qualitative network models
MEPS 536:11-24 | Full text in pdf format

Schückel U, Kröncke I, Baird D
Linking long-term changes in trophic structure and function of an intertidal macrobenthic system to eutrophication and climate change using ecological network analysis
MEPS 536:25-38 | Full text in pdf format

Fleeger JW, Carman KR, Riggio MR, Mendelssohn IA, Lin QX, Hou A, Deis DR, Zengel S
Recovery of salt marsh benthic microalgae and meiofauna following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill linked to recovery of Spartina alterniflora
MEPS 536:39-54 | Full text in pdf format

Harland H, MacLeod CD, Poulin R
Non-linear effects of ocean acidification on the transmission of a marine intertidal parasite
MEPS 536:55-64 | Full text in pdf format

Hill-Spanik KM, McDowell JR, Stokes NA, Reece KS, Burreson EM, Carnegie RB
Phylogeographic perspective on the distribution and dispersal of a marine pathogen, the oyster parasite Bonamia exitiosa
MEPS 536:65-76 | Full text in pdf format

Gilman S, Hayford H, Craig C, Carrington E
Body temperatures of an intertidal barnacle and two whelk predators in relation to shore height, solar aspect, and microhabitat
MEPS 536:77-88 | Full text in pdf format

Aguiar E, Fuentes-Santos I, Labarta U, Álvarez-Salgado XA, Fernández-Reiriz MJ
Empirical modelling of seston quality based on environmental factors in a mussel culture area (NW Iberian upwelling system)
MEPS 536:89-105 | Full text in pdf format

Melbourne-Thomas J, Meiners KM, Mundy CJ, Schallenberg C, Tattersall KL, Dieckmann GS
Algorithms to estimate Antarctic sea ice algal biomass from under-ice irradiance spectra at regional scales
MEPS 536:107-121 | Full text in pdf format | Corrigendum

DiBacco C, Therriault TW
Reproductive periodicity and larval vertical migration behavior of European green crab Carcinus maenas in a non-native habitat
MEPS 536:123-134 | Full text in pdf format

Fernández Á, Arenas F, Trilla A, Rodríguez S, Rueda L, Martínez B
Additive effects of emersion stressors on the ecophysiological performance of two intertidal seaweeds
MEPS 536:135-147 | Full text in pdf format

Villazán B, Salo T, Brun FG, Vergara JJ, Pedersen MF
High ammonium availability amplifies the adverse effect of low salinity on eelgrass Zostera marina
MEPS 536:149-162 | Full text in pdf format

Hartmann AC, Sandin SA, Chamberland VF, Marhaver KL, de Goeij JM, Vermeij MJA
Crude oil contamination interrupts settlement of coral larvae after direct exposure ends
MEPS 536:163-173 | Full text in pdf format

Gaillard B, Meziane T, Tremblay R, Archambault P, Layton KKS, Martel AL, Olivier F
Dietary tracers in Bathyarca glacialis from contrasting trophic regions in the Canadian Arctic
MEPS 536:175-186 | Full text in pdf format

Bylenga CH, Cummings VJ, Ryan KG
Fertilisation and larval development in an Antarctic bivalve, Laternula elliptica, under reduced pH and elevated temperatures
MEPS 536:187-201 | Full text in pdf format

Skerritt DJ, Robertson PA, Mill AC, Polunin NVC, Fitzsimmons C
Fine-scale movement, activity patterns and home-ranges of European lobster Homarus gammarus
MEPS 536:203-219 | Full text in pdf format

Teske PR, Sandoval-Castillo J, Sasaki M, Beheregaray LB
Invasion success of a habitat-forming marine invertebrate is limited by lower-than-expected dispersal ability
MEPS 536:221-227 | Full text in pdf format

Loury EK, Bros SM, Starr RM, Ebert DA, Cailliet GM
Trophic ecology of the gopher rockfish Sebastes carnatus inside and outside of central California marine protected areas
MEPS 536:229-241 | Full text in pdf format

Monteiro SS, Méndez-Fernandez P, Piertney S, Moffat CF, Ferreira M, Vingada JV, López A, Brownlow A, Jepson P, Mikkelsen B, Niemeyer M, Carvalho JC, Pierce GJ
Long-finned pilot whale population diversity and structure in Atlantic waters assessed through biogeochemical and genetic markers
MEPS 536:243-257 | Full text in pdf format

Clements JC, Hunt HL
Marine animal behaviour in a high CO2 ocean
MEPS 536:259-279 | Full text in pdf format

Kawabata et al., Vol. 534: 149-161, 2015
MEPS 536:281 | Full text in pdf format

Oksanen et al., Vol. 507: 297-308, 2014
MEPS 536: 282 | Full text in pdf format