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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 561 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 561 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Smith AM, Clark DE, Lamare MD, Winter DJ, Byrne M
Risk and resilience: variations in magnesium in echinoid skeletal calcite
MEPS 561:1-16 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Båmstedt U, Wikner J
Mixing depth and allochthonous dissolved organic carbon: controlling factors of coastal trophic balance
MEPS 561:17-29 | Full text in pdf format

Quiroga E, Ortiz P, González-Saldías R, Reid B, Tapia FJ, Pérez-Santos I, Rebolledo L, Mansilla R, Pineda C, Cari I, Salinas N, Montiel A, Gerdes D
Seasonal benthic patterns in a glacial Patagonian fjord: the role of suspended sediment and terrestrial organic matter
MEPS 561:31-50 | Full text in pdf format

Demopoulos AWJ, Bourque JR, Cordes E, Stamler KM
Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on deep-sea coral-associated sediment communities
MEPS 561:51-68 | Full text in pdf format

Freeman LA, Freeman SE
Rapidly obtained ecosystem indicators from coral reef soundscapes
MEPS 561:69-82 | Full text in pdf format

Maire O, Barras C, Gestin T, Nardelli MP, Romero-Ramirez A, Duchêne JC, Geslin E
How does macrofaunal bioturbation influence the vertical distribution of living benthic foraminifera?
MEPS 561:83-97 | Full text in pdf format

Han J, Puthumana J, Lee MC, Kim S, Lee JS
Different susceptibilities of the Antarctic and temperate copepods Tigriopus kingsejongensis and T. japonicus to ultraviolet (UV) radiation
MEPS 561:99-107 | Full text in pdf format

Coelho MAG, Lasker HR
Larval behavior and settlement dynamics of a ubiquitous Caribbean octocoral and its implications for dispersal
MEPS 561:109-121 | Full text in pdf format

Lara M, Bouma TJ, Peralta G, van Soelen J, Pérez-Lloréns JL
Hydrodynamic effects of macrophyte microtopography: spatial consequences of interspecific benthic transitions
MEPS 561:123-136 | Full text in pdf format

Dell C, Hay ME
Induced defence to grazing by vertebrate herbivores: uncommon or under-investigated?
MEPS 561:137-145 | Full text in pdf format

Tan CH, Pratchett MS, Bay LK, Graham EM, Baird AH
Spatial and temporal variation in fecundity among populations of Acropora millepora on the Great Barrier Reef
MEPS 561:147-153 | Full text in pdf format

Parsons DF, Suthers IM, Cruz DO, Smith JA
Effects of habitat on fish abundance and species composition on temperate rocky reefs
MEPS 561:155-171 | Full text in pdf format

Humphries NE, Simpson SJ, Wearmouth VJ, Sims DW
Two’s company, three’s a crowd: fine-scale habitat partitioning by depth among sympatric species of marine mesopredator
MEPS 561:173-187 | Full text in pdf format

Pascual M, Neubert MG, Acuña JL, Solow AR, Dominguez-Carrió C, Salvador J, Olariaga A, Fuentes V
Environmental drivers of salp Thalia democratica population dynamics from in situ observations
MEPS 561:189-201 | Full text in pdf format

Sambrook K, Jones GP, Bonin MC
Life on the edge: Coral reef fishes exhibit strong responses to a habitat boundary
MEPS 561:203-215 | Full text in pdf format

MacDonald C, Bridge TCL, Jones GP
Depth, bay position and habitat structure as determinants of coral reef fish distributions: Are deep reefs a potential refuge?
MEPS 561:217-231 | Full text in pdf format

Shiomi K, Sato K, Handrich Y, Bost CA
Diel shift of king penguin swim speeds in relation to light intensity changes
MEPS 561:233-243 | Full text in pdf format

Burrows JA, Johnston DW, Straley JM, Chenoweth EM, Ware C, Curtice C, DeRuiter SL, Friedlaender AS
Prey density and depth affect the fine-scale foraging behavior of humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae in Sitka Sound, Alaska, USA
MEPS 561:245-260 | Full text in pdf format

Melbourne-Thomas et al., Vol 536: 107-121 (2015)
MEPS 561:261 | Full text in pdf format