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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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Correction to MEPS 569:215-225 (2017) - DOI:

Dispersal of green turtles from Africa’s largest rookery assessed through genetic markers


Ana R. Patrício*, Angela Formia, Castro Barbosa, Annette C. Broderick, Mike Bruford, Carlos Carreras, Paulo Catry, Claudio Ciofi, Aissa Regalla, Brendan J. Godley


*Corresponding author: r.patricio(at)


January 12, 2018:

In Table S1, in the BUC column, the value 16 has been removed for CM-A4 and 4 has been inserted for CM-A16. Furthermore, the reference in footnote b has been changed from Shamblin et al. (2014) to Shamblin et al. (2015).

In the Literature Cited, the reference for Shamblin et al. (2012) has been inserted.

The corrected version of the Supplement can be viewed online at




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