Correction to MEPS 576:145-161 (2017) - DOI:

Seagrass response following exposure to Deepwater Horizon oil in the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana (USA)


W. Judson Kenworthy*, Natalie Consentino-Manning, Lawrence Handley, Michael Wild, Shahrokh Rouhani


*Corresponding author: jud.kenworthy(at)


August 7, 2017:

In the first paragraph of p. 153, the year in the sentence beginning: 'By June 2011, the tPAH concentration had declined ...' was incorrectly given as 2010.


Furthermore, in the last paragraph of the 'Results' section (p. 156), the 3 call-outs to Supplement 4 were incorrectly given as Table 4.


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