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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS 582:57-77 (2017) - DOI:

Predictive distribution modelling of cold-water corals in the Newfoundland and Labrador region


Lauren Gullage*, Rodolphe Devillers, Evan Edinger


*Corresponding author: lauren.gullage(at)


April 12, 2018: Substantial text passages and several typographical errors have been amended throughout the article.


Furthermore, on page 74, Table 6 has been corrected.


These changes do not affect the overall conclusions of the article.


All corrections have been implemented in the online pdf version of the article.


Note from the authors: Based on recent information received from the authors of the Guijarro et al. (2016) paper, it has come to our attention that the temperature and depth values reported by Guijarro et al. cannot be directly compared to those obtained from our study due to methodological and data reporting differences. The random forest (RF) model columns have thus been removed from Table 6. All text relating to the RF models in the article has been updated to reflect this change.


Original text with edits


Corrected version


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