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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS 591:101-116 (2018) - DOI:

Trophic interactions of the jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca in the NW Mediterranean: evidence from stable isotope signatures and fatty acid composition


Uxue Tilves*, Verónica L. Fuentes, Giacomo Milisenda, Christopher C. Parrish, Salvatrice Vizzini, Ana Sabatés


*Corresponding author: tilves(at)


March 19, 2018: Sample amounts in the ‘Materials and methods’ (p. 103) were incorrect in the Advance View version published online on January 11, 2018. These have now been amended, both online and in print. Corrected values in bold:


SI analysis
"Isotopic composition was determined from ~5 mg of whole medusae (n = 15), ~1 mg of size-fractionated zooplankton (n = 68), ~0.8 mg of white muscle of adult fish (n = 15) and entire individual organisms of zooplankton (including ephyrae and fish larvae; n = 110)."


FA analysis
"Approximately 100 mg of medusae, 100 mg of size-fractionated zooplankton, 100 mg of white muscle of adult fish and entire individual organisms of zoo- and ichthyoplankton were placed in test tubes [...] "


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