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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS 615:101-119 (2019) - DOI:

Gauging benthic recovery from 20th century pollution on the southern California continental shelf using bivalves from sediment cores


Jill S. Leonard-Pingel, Susan M. Kidwell*, Adam Tomašových, Clark R. Alexander, Donald B. Cadien


*Corresponding author: skidwell(at)


April 26, 2019:

Changes were made to the legends of Fig. 2 (location of outfall) and Fig. 4 (reference to Table S2) after publication. Furthermore, on Line 9 of Section 4.4, 'given to' was changed to 'caused by'. Finally, in Table S2 in the Supplement, 'Chemosynthetic' was changed to 'Chemosymbiotic'.


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