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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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Single thermal performance measures for Eastern rock lobster Sagmariasus verreauxi may not accurately predict whole animal performance under future ocean warming. Photo: Peter Mathew

Twiname S, Fitzgibbon QP, Hobday AJ, Carter CG, Pecl GT


Multiple measures of thermal performance of early stage eastern rock lobster in a fast-warming ocean region


To date, many studies examining species’ climate-driven changes in distribution, or ‘range shifts’, have each focused on a single potential mechanism. While a single performance measure may give some insight, it may not be enough to accurately predict outcomes. We examined the thermal pattern for multiple measures of performance, including measures of aerobic metabolism and multiple aspects of escape speed, using the final larval stage (puerulus) of eastern rock lobster Sagmariasus verreauxi as a model species. We found that aerobic scope and escape speed had different thermal performances and optimal temperatures. This discrepancy in thermal performance indicators illustrates that a single performance measure may not be sufficient to accurately predict whole animal performance under future warming.


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