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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 625 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 625 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Camp EF, Edmondson J, Doheny A, Rumney J, Grima AJ, Huete A, Suggett DJ
Mangrove lagoons of the Great Barrier Reef support coral populations persisting under extreme environmental conditions
MEPS 625:1-14 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Fernández-Aldecoa RG, Ladah LB, Morgan SG, Dibble CD, Solana-Arellano E, Filonov A
Delivery of zooplankton to the surf zone during strong internal tidal forcing and onshore winds in Baja California
MEPS 625:15-26 | Full text in pdf format

Pereira RRC, Scanes E, Parker LM, Byrne M, Cole VJ, Ross PM
Restoring the flat oyster Ostrea angasi in the face of a changing climate
MEPS 625:27-39 | Full text in pdf format

Martínez-Alarcón D, Saborowski R, Melis E, Hagen W
Seasonal lipid dynamics of the shrimps Crangon crangon and Pandalus montagui in the German Bight (North Sea)
MEPS 625:41-52 | Full text in pdf format

Criales MM, Chérubin L, Gandy R, Garavelli L, Ali Ghannami M, Crowley C
Blue crab larval dispersal highlights population connectivity and implications for fishery management
MEPS 625:53-70 | Full text in pdf format

Lewis LS, Smith JE
Functional diversity among herbivorous sea urchins on a coral reef: grazing rate, dietary preference, and metabolism
MEPS 625:71-87 | Full text in pdf format

Griffiths SP, Kesner-Reyes K, Garilao C, Duffy LM, Román MH
Ecological Assessment of the Sustainable Impacts of Fisheries (EASI-Fish): a flexible vulnerability assessment approach to quantify the cumulative impacts of fishing in data-limited settings
MEPS 625:89-113 | Full text in pdf format

Gianelli I, Ortega L, Marín Y, Piola AR, Defeo O
Evidence of ocean warming in Uruguay’s fisheries landings: the mean temperature of the catch approach
MEPS 625:115-125 | Full text in pdf format

Miller SD, Zgliczynski BJ, Fox MD, Kaufman LS, Michener RH, Sandin SA, Hamilton SL
Niche width expansion of coral reef fishes along a primary production gradient in the remote central Pacific
MEPS 625:127-143 | Full text in pdf format

Chalifour L, Scott DC, MacDuffee M, Iacarella JC, Martin TG, Baum JK
Habitat use by juvenile salmon, other migratory fish, and resident fish species underscores the importance of estuarine habitat mosaics
MEPS 625:145-162 | Full text in pdf format

Poupart TA, Waugh SM, Miskelly CM, Kato A, Angel LP, Rogers KM, Arnould JPY
Fine-scale foraging behaviour of southern Buller’s albatross, the only Thalassarche that provisions chicks through winter
MEPS 625:163-179 | Full text in pdf format

Guazzo RA, Schulman-Janiger A, Smith MH, Barlow J, D’Spain GL, Rimington DB, Hildebrand JA
Gray whale migration patterns through the Southern California Bight from multi-year visual and acoustic monitoring
MEPS 625:181-203 | Full text in pdf format

Guilpin M, Lesage V, McQuinn I, Goldbogen JA, Potvin J, Jeanniard-du-Dot T, Doniol-Valcroze T, Michaud R, Moisan M, Winkler G
Foraging energetics and prey density requirements of western North Atlantic blue whales in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada
MEPS 625:205-223 | Full text in pdf format


Kaartvedt S, Røstad A, Opdal AF, Aksnes DL
Herding mesopelagic fish by light
MEPS 625:225-231 | Full text in pdf format

Milewski et al., Vol 598: 85-97 (2018)
MEPS 625:233 | Full text in pdf format