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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 639 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 639 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Blanchet MA, Aars J, Andersen M, Routti H
Space-use strategy affects energy requirements in Barents Sea polar bears
MEPS 639:1-19 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Thomson ACG, Kristensen E, Valdemarsen T, Quintana CO
Short-term fate of seagrass and macroalgal detritus in Arenicola marina bioturbated sediments
MEPS 639:21-35 | Full text in pdf format

Rodriguez AR, Heck KL Jr
Green turtle herbivory and its effects on the warm, temperate seagrass meadows of St. Joseph Bay, Florida (USA)
MEPS 639:37-51 | Full text in pdf format

Jacobs P, Kromkamp JC, van Leeuwen SM, Philippart CJM
Planktonic primary production in the western Dutch Wadden Sea
MEPS 639:53-71 | Full text in pdf format

Casabianca S, Capellacci S, Ricci F, Andreoni F, Russo T, Scardi M, Penna A
Structure and environmental drivers of phytoplanktonic resting stage assemblages in the central Mediterranean Sea
MEPS 639:73-89 | Full text in pdf format

Castro-Sanguino C, Bozec YM, Mumby PJ
Dynamics of carbonate sediment production by Halimeda: implications for reef carbonate budgets
MEPS 639:91-106 | Full text in pdf format

Acquafredda MP, Munroe D
Effect of species diversity on particle clearance and productivity in farmed bivalves
MEPS 639:107-126 | Full text in pdf format

Reustle JW, Smee DL
Turbidity and salinity influence trophic cascades on oyster reefs through modification of sensory performance and facilitation of different predator types
MEPS 639:127-136 | Full text in pdf format

Andrzejaczek S, Chapple TK, Curnick DJ, Carlisle AB, Castleton M, Jacoby DMP, Peel LR, Schallert RJ, Tickler DM, Block BA
Individual variation in residency and regional movements of reef manta rays Mobula alfredi in a large marine protected area
MEPS 639:137-153 | Full text in pdf format

Kinney MJ, Kacev D, Sippel T, Dewar H, Eguchi T
Common thresher shark Alopias vulpinus movement: Bayesian inference on a data-limited species
MEPS 639:155-167 | Full text in pdf format

Matich P, Strickland BA, Heithaus MR
Long-term monitoring provides insight into estuarine top predator (Carcharhinus leucas) resilience following an extreme weather event
MEPS 639:169-183 | Full text in pdf format

Malick MJ, Hunsicker ME, Haltuch MA, Parker-Stetter SL, Berger AM, Marshall KN
Relationships between temperature and Pacific hake distribution vary across latitude and life-history stage
MEPS 639:185-197 | Full text in pdf format

Lowerre-Barbieri S, Menendez H, Bickford J, Switzer TS, Barbieri L, Koenig C
Testing assumptions about sex change and spatial management in the protogynous gag grouper, Mycteroperca microlepis
MEPS 639:199-214 | Full text in pdf format

Machado R, de Oliveira LR, Ott PH, Haimovici M, Cardoso LG, Milmann L, Romero MA, dos Santos RA, Borges-Martins M
Trophic overlap between marine mammals and fisheries in subtropical waters in the western South Atlantic
MEPS 639:215-232 | Full text in pdf format