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MEPS - Vol. 676 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 676 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Hrebien V, Deschaseaux E, Eyre BD
Isoprene fluxes from warm temperate and tropical seagrass communities
MEPS 676:1-17 | Full text in pdf format

Carmody H, Langlois T, Mitchell J, Navarro M, Bosch N, McLean D, Monk J, Lewis P, Jackson G
Shark depredation in a commercial trolling fishery in sub-tropical Australia
MEPS 676:19-35 | Full text in pdf format

Lewis LS, Denney C, Willmes M, Xieu W, Fichman RA, Zhao F, Hammock BG, Schultz A, Fangue N, Hobbs JA
Otolith-based approaches indicate strong effects of environmental variation on growth of a Critically Endangered estuarine fish
MEPS 676:37-56 | Full text in pdf format

Dolan TE, Frisk MG, Cerrato RM, McElroy AE
Environmental factors modify post-settlement survival and growth of winter flounder Pseudopleuronectes americanus in the absence of predation
MEPS 676:57-75 | Full text in pdf format

Baines M, Kelly N, Reichelt M, Lacey C, Pinder S, Fielding S, Murphy E, Trathan P, Biuw M, Lindstrøm U, Krafft BA, Jackson JA
Population abundance of recovering humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae and other baleen whales in the Scotia Arc, South Atlantic
MEPS 676:77-94 | Full text in pdf format


Non-breeding distribution and movements of North Atlantic seabirds
Organizers: Hallvard Strøm, Sébastien Descamps, Per Fauchald, Børge Moe, Morten Ekker
Editors: Kyle H. Elliott, Samantha Patrick, Steve Votier, Rory P. Wilson

This Theme Section assembles original research articles based on data collected as part of the SEATRACK project – an international seabird tracking program initiated in 2014 and covering the North East Atlantic. This program is based on Global Location Sensors (GLS or geolocators) to track individuals during the non-breeding season and better understand this crucial part of the annual life cycle of seabirds. Contributions cover a wide range of topics—from the development of seabird distribution maps for marine spatial planning to the study of the relationships between winter oceanographic conditions, winter movements and demography, and of the individual variability in non-breeding movements.

Photo: Morten Ekker

Contents page
MEPS 676:95 | Full text in pdf format

Strøm H, Descamps S, Ekker M, Fauchald P, Moe B
Tracking the movements of North Atlantic seabirds: steps towards a better understanding of population dynamics and marine ecosystem conservation
MEPS 676:97-116 | Full text in pdf format

Dufour P, Wojczulanis-Jakubas K, Lavergne S, Renaud J, Jakubas D, Descamps S
A two-fold increase in migration distance does not have breeding consequences in a long-distance migratory seabird with high flight costs
MEPS 676:117-126 | Full text in pdf format

Amélineau F, Merkel B, Tarroux A, Descamps S, Anker-Nilssen T, Bjørnstad O, Bråthen VS, Chastel O, Christensen-Dalsgaard S, Danielsen J, Daunt F, Dehnhard N, Ekker M, Erikstad KE, Ezhov A, Fauchald P, Gavrilo M, Hallgrimsson GT, Hansen ES, Harris MP, Helberg M, Helgason HH, Johansen MK, Jónsson JE, Kolbeinsson Y, Krasnov Y, Langset M, Lorentsen SH, Lorentzen E, Melnikov MV, Moe B, Newell MA, Olsen B, Reiertsen T, Systad GH, Thompson P, Thórarinsson TL, Tolmacheva E, Wanless S, Wojczulanis-Jakubas K, Åström J, Strøm H
Six pelagic seabird species of the North Atlantic engage in a fly-and-forage strategy during their migratory movements
MEPS 676:127-144 | Full text in pdf format

Moe B, Daunt F, Bråthen VS, Barrett RT, Ballesteros M, Bjørnstad O, Bogdanova MI, Dehnhard N, Erikstad KE, Follestad A, Gíslason S, Hallgrimsson GT, Lorentsen SH, Newell M, Petersen A, Phillips RA, Ragnarsdóttir SB, Reiertsen TK, Åström J, Wanless S, Anker-Nilssen T
Twilight foraging enables European shags to survive the winter across their latitudinal range
MEPS 676:145-157 | Full text in pdf format

Dupuis B, Amélineau F, Tarroux A, Bjørnstad O, Bråthen VS, Danielsen J, Descamps S, Fauchald P, Hallgrimsson GT, Hansen ES, Helberg M, Helgason HH, Jónsson JE, Kolbeinsson Y, Lorentzen E, Thompson P, Thórarinsson TL, Strøm H
Light-level geolocators reveal spatial variations in interactions between northern fulmars and fisheries
MEPS 676:159-172 | Full text in pdf format

Merkel B, Descamps S, Yoccoz NG, Grémillet D, Fauchald P, Danielsen J, Daunt F, Erikstad KE, Ezhov AV, Harris MP, Gavrilo M, Lorentsen SH, Reiertsen TK, Systad GH, Thórarinsson TL, Wanless S, Strøm H
Strong migratory connectivity across meta-populations of sympatric North Atlantic seabirds
MEPS 676:173-188 | Full text in pdf format

Ezhov AV, Gavrilo MV, Krasnov YV, Bråthen VS, Moe B, Baranskaya AV, Strøm H
Transpolar and bi-directional migration strategies of black-legged kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla from a colony in Novaya Zemlya, Barents Sea, Russia
MEPS 676:189-203 | Full text in pdf format

Léandri-Breton DJ, Tarroux A, Elliott KH, Legagneux P, Angelier F, Blévin P, Bråthen VS, Fauchald P, Goutte A, Jouanneau W, Tartu S, Moe B, Chastel O
Long-term tracking of an Arctic-breeding seabird indicates high fidelity to pelagic wintering areas
MEPS 676:205-218 | Full text in pdf format

Reiertsen TK, Layton-Matthews K, Erikstad KE, Hodges K, Ballesteros M, Anker-Nilssen T, Barrett RT, Benjaminsen S, Bogdanova M, Christensen-Dalsgaard S, Daunt F, Dehnhard N, Harris MP, Langset M, Lorentsen SH, Newell M, Bråthen VS, Støyle-Bringsvor I, Systad GH, Wanless S
Inter-population synchrony in adult survival and effects of climate and extreme weather in non-breeding areas of Atlantic puffins
MEPS 676:219-231 | Full text in pdf format

Descamps S, Merkel B, Strøm H, Choquet R, Steen H, Fort J, Gavrilo M, Grémillet D, Jakubas D, Jerstad K, Karnovsky NJ, Krasnov YV, Moe B, Welcker J, Wojczulanis-Jakubas K
Sharing wintering grounds does not synchronize annual survival in a high Arctic seabird, the little auk
MEPS 676:233-242 | Full text in pdf format

Albert C, Bråthen VS, Descamps S, Anker-Nilssen T, Cherenkov A, Christensen-Dalsgaard S, Danielsen J, Erikstad KE, Gavrilo M, Hanssen SA, Helgason HH, Jónsson JE, Kolbeinsson Y, Krasnov Y, Langset M, Lorentzen E, Olsen B, Reiertsen TK, Strøm H, Systad GH, Tertitski G, Thompson PM, Thórarinsson TL, Bustamante P, Moe B, Fort J
Inter-annual variation in winter distribution affects individual seabird contamination with mercury
MEPS 676:243-254 | Full text in pdf format

Fauchald P, Tarroux A, Amélineau F, Bråthen VS, Descamps S, Ekker M, Helgason HH, Johansen MK, Merkel B, Moe B, Åström J, Anker-Nilssen T, Bjørnstad O, Chastel O, Christensen-Dalsgaard S, Danielsen J, Daunt F, Dehnhard N, Erikstad KE, Ezhov A, Gavrilo M, Hallgrimsson GT, Hansen ES, Harris M, Helberg M, Jónsson JE, Kolbeinsson Y, Krasnov Y, Langset M, Lorentsen SH, Lorentzen E, Newell M, Olsen B, Reiertsen TK, Systad GH, Thompson P, Thórarinsson TL, Wanless S, Wojczulanis-Jakubas K, Strøm H
Year-round distribution of Northeast Atlantic seabird populations: applications for population management and marine spatial planning
MEPS 676:255-276 | Full text in pdf format