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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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Correction to MEPS 689:57-76 (2022) - DOI:

Correction to MEPS 675:35-52 (2022) - DOI:

New technologies can support data collection on endangered shark species in the Mediterranean Sea

Filippo Bargnesi*, Stefano Moro, Agostino Leone, Ioannis Giovos, Francesco Ferretti

*Corresponding author: f.bargnesi(at)

May 17, 2022:
In the Abstract and Introduction on p. 57, the IUCN listing for Mediterranean species was incorrectly given as ‘Endangered’. Two sentences have now been corrected in both the online and print versions of the article to:

The IUCN lists most Mediterranean species as threatened (55%), while considering 27.5% of them Data Deficient.

Among them, 22 species (55%) are listed as threatened and 11 (27.5%) still do not have enough data to assess their status (i.e. listed as Data Deficient).

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