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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 691 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 691 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Hammerschlag N, Gutowsky LFG, Rider MJ, Roemer R, Gallagher AJ
Urban sharks: residency patterns of marine top predators in relation to a coastal metropolis
MEPS 691:1-17 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Mendonça V, Madeira C, Dias M, Flores AAV, Vinagre C
Robustness of temperate versus tropical food webs: comparing species trait-based sequential deletions
MEPS 691:19-28 | Full text in pdf format

Orenstein EC, Saberski E, Briseño-Avena C
Discovery and dynamics of a cryptic marine copepod-parasite interaction
MEPS 691:29-40 | Full text in pdf format

Rahnke SA, Hancock JR, Munk NJ, Caruso C, Drury C
Optimizing sexual reproduction of Montipora capitata for restoration: effects of abiotic conditions and light acclimation on juvenile survival and growth
MEPS 691:41-54 | Full text in pdf format

Steeves L, Vimond C, Strohmeier T, Casas S, Strand Ø, Comeau LA, Filgueira R
Relationship between pumping rate and particle capture efficiency in three species of bivalves
MEPS 691:55-68 | Full text in pdf format

Correia-Martins A, Tremblay R, Bec B, Roques C, Atteia A, Gobet A, Richard M, Hamaguchi M, Miyajima T, Hori M, Miron G, Pouvreau S, Lagarde F
Failure of bivalve foundation species recruitment related to trophic changes during an extreme heatwave event
MEPS 691:69-82 | Full text in pdf format

Cones SF, Zhang D, Shorter KA, Katija K, Mann DA, Jensen FH, Fontes J, Afonso P, Mooney TA
Swimming behaviors during diel vertical migration in veined squid Loligo forbesii
MEPS 691:83-96 | Full text in pdf format

Shelley CE, Johnson DW
Larval fish in a warming ocean: a bioenergetic study of temperature-dependent growth and assimilation efficiency
MEPS 691:97-114 | Full text in pdf format

Lundgreen RBC, Nielsen A, Krüger-Johnsen M, Righton D, Mion M, Radtke K, Plikshs M, Leskelä AJ, Raitaniemi J, Griffiths CA, Casini M, Krumme U, Hüssy K
Examining fish movement in terms of advection and diffusion: a case study of northeastern Atlantic cod
MEPS 691:115-129 | Full text in pdf format

Norrie CR, Morgan CA, Burke BJ, Weitkamp LA, Miller JA
Freshwater growth can provide a survival advantage to Interior Columbia River spring Chinook salmon after ocean entry
MEPS 691:131-149 | Full text in pdf format

Redfern CPF, Bevan RM
The Arctic tern Sterna paradisaea: consistency and variability in spatial use at a global oceanographic scale
MEPS 691:151-171 | Full text in pdf format

Nur N, Berger RW, Lee DE, Warzybok PM, Jahncke J
Effects of winter storms and oceanographic conditions on survival to weaning: a 37 year study of northern elephant seals on the Farallon Islands
MEPS 691:173-189 | Full text in pdf format

Burns NM, Hopkins CR, Quaggiotto MM, McCafferty DJ, Bailey DM
Grey seal Halichoerus grypus breeding sites contribute substantial carrion biomass to the Firth of Forth
MEPS 691:191-201 | Full text in pdf format

Hamilton et al., 688: 83–98 (2022)
MEPS 691:203 | Full text in pdf format