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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 93 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 1993 Inter-Research.

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Kahn, B., Whitehead, H., Dillon, M.
Indications of density-dependent effects from comparisons of sperm whale populations
MEPS 93:1-7 | Full text in pdf format

Otway, N. M., Craig, J. R.
Effects of hook size on the catches of undersized snapper Pagrus auratus
MEPS 93:9-15 | Full text in pdf format

Madureira, L. S. P., Ward, P., Atkinson, A.
Differences in backscattering strength determined at 120 and 38 kHz for three species of Antarctic macroplankton
MEPS 93:17-24 | Full text in pdf format

Schofield, O., Prezélin, B. B., Bidigare, Ft. R., Smith, R. C.
In situ photosynthetic quantum yield. Correspondence to hydrographic and optical variability within the Southern California Bight
MEPS 93:25-37 | Full text in pdf format

Bratbak, G., Egge, J. K., Heldal, M.
Viral mortality of the marine alga Emiliania huxleyi (Haptophyceae) and termination of algal blooms
MEPS 93:39-48 | Full text in pdf format

Collos, Y., Descolas-Gros, C, Fontugne, M., Mortain-Bertrand, A., Chretiennot-Dinet, M. J., Frikha, M. G.
Chemical, isotopic and enzymatic monitoring of free and enclosed seawater implications for primary production estimates in incubation bottles
MEPS 93:49-54 | Full text in pdf format

Lepesteur, M., Martin, J. M., Fleury, A.
A comparative study of different preservation methods for phytoplankton cell analysis by flow cytometry
MEPS 93:55-63 | Full text in pdf format

Gardner, W. S., Cotner, J. B. Jr, Herche, L. R.
Chromatographic measurement of nitrogen mineralization rates in marine coastal waters with l5N
MEPS 93:65-73 | Full text in pdf format

Cotner, J. B. Jr, Gardner, W. S.
Heterotrophic bacterial mediation of ammonium and dissolved free amino acid fluxes in the Mississippi River plume
MEPS 93:75-87 | Full text in pdf format

Noji, T. T, Noji, C. I.-M., Barthel, K.-G.
Pelagic-benthic coupling during the onset of winter in a northern Norwegian fjord. Carbon flow and fate of suspended particulate matter
MEPS 93:89-99 | Full text in pdf format

Roden, E. E., Turtle, J. H.
Inorganic sulfur cycling in mid and lower Chesapeake Bay sediments
MEPS 93:101-118 | Full text in pdf format

Boudreau, B., Bourget, E., Simard, Y.
Effect of age, injury, and predator odors or settlement and shelter selection by lobster Homarus amencanus postlarvae
MEPS 93:119-129 | Full text in pdf format

Lancellotti, D. A., Trucco, R. G.
Distribution patterns and coexistence of six species of the amphipod genus Hyale
MEPS 93:131-141 | Full text in pdf format

Miron, G., Kristensen, E.
Factors influencing the distribution of nereid polychaetes: the sulfide aspect
MEPS 93:143-153 | Full text in pdf format

Skilleter, G. A., Underwood, A. J.
Effects of habitat composition on recruitment of cerithid gastropods in sediments at One Tree Reef, Great Barrier Reef
MEPS 93:155-163 | Full text in pdf format

Harvell, C. D., Fenical, W., Roussis, V., Ruesink, J. L., Griggs, C. C, Greene, C. H.
Local and geographic variation in the defensive chemistry of a West Indian gorgonian coral (Briareum asbestinum)
MEPS 93:165-173 | Full text in pdf format

Jokiel, P. L., Morrissey, J. I.
Water motion on coral reefs: evaluation of the 'clod card' technique
MEPS 93:175-181 | Full text in pdf format

Arrontes, J.
Nature of the distributional boundary of Fucus serratus on the north shore of Spain
MEPS 93:183-193 | Full text in pdf format

Caceres-Martinez, J., Robledo, J. A. F., Figueras, A.
Settlement of mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis on an exposed rocky shore in Ria de Vigo, NW Spain
MEPS 93:195-198 | Full text in pdf format

Mallin, M. A., Paerl, H. W., Rudek, J., Bates, P. W.
Regulation of estuarine primary production by watershed rainfall and river flow
MEPS 93:199-203 | Full text in pdf format

DeBlois, E. M., Leggett, W. C.
Impact of amphipod predation on the benthic eggs of marine fish: an analysis of Calliopius laeviusculus bioenergetic demands and predation on the eggs of a beach spawning osmeriid (Mallotus villosus)
MEPS 93:205-216 | Full text in pdf format

Meekan, M. G., Milicich, M. J., Doherty, P. J.
Larval production drives temporal patterns of larval supply and recruitment of a coral reef damselfish
MEPS 93:217-225 | Full text in pdf format

O'Connor, N. J.
Settlement and recruitment of the fiddler crabs Uca pugnax and U. pugilator in a North Carolina, USA; salt marsh
MEPS 93:227-234 | Full text in pdf format

Engel, D. W., Brouwer, M., McKenna, S.
Hemocyanin concentrations in marine crustaceans as a function of environmental conditions
MEPS 93:235-244 | Full text in pdf format

Batel, R., Bihari, N., Rinkevich, B., Dapper, J., Schäcke, H., Schröder, H. C, Müller, W. E. G.
Modulation of organotin-induced apoptosis by the water pollutant methyl mercury in a human lymphoblastoid tumor cell line and a marine sponge
MEPS 93:245-251 | Full text in pdf format

Ang, P. O. Jr, De Wreede, R. E.
Simulation and analysis of the dynamics of a Fucus distichus (Phaeophyceae, Fucales) population
MEPS 93:253-265 | Full text in pdf format

Brandini, F. P.
Phytoplankton biomass in an Antarctic coastal environment during stable water conditions -implications for the iron limitation theory
MEPS 93:267-275 | Full text in pdf format

Hoppe, H.-G., Ducklow, H., Karrasch, B.
Evidence for dependency of bacterial growth on enzymatic hydrolysis of particulate organic matter in the mesopelagic ocean
MEPS 93:277-283 | Full text in pdf format

Fromentin, J.-M., Ibanez, F., Legendre, P.
A phytosociological method for interpreting plankton data
MEPS 93:285-306 | Full text in pdf format