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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 96 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 1993 Inter-Research.

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Leynaert, A., Nelson, D. M.,Quéguiner, B., Treguer, P.
The silica cycle in the Antarctic Ocean: is the Weddell Sea atypical?
MEPS 96:1-15 | Full text in pdf format

Garrison, D. L., Close, A. R.
Winter ecology of the sea ice biota in Weddell Sea pack ice
MEPS 96:17-31 | Full text in pdf format

Malej, A., Harris, R. P.
Inhibition of copepod grazing by diatom exudates: a factor in the development of mucus aggregates?
MEPS 96:33-42 | Full text in pdf format

Shanks, A. L., Reeder, M. L.
Reducing microzones and sulfide production in marine snow
MEPS 96:43-47 | Full text in pdf format

Cartes, J. E.
Diets of deep-water pandalid shrimps on the Western Mediterranean slope
MEPS 96:49-61 | Full text in pdf format

Valentine, J. R, Heck, K. L. Jr
Musseis in seagrass meadows: their influence on macroinvertebrate abundance and secondary production in the northern Gulf of Mexico
MEPS 96:63-74 | Full text in pdf format

Pezeshki, S. R., DeLaune, R. D.
Effects of soil Hypoxia and salinity on gas exchange and growth of Spartina patens
MEPS 96:75-81 | Full text in pdf format

Martinez, E., Correa, J. A.
Sorus-specific epiphytism affecting the kelps Lessonia nigrescens ;and L. trabeculata (Phaeophyta)
MEPS 96:83-92 | Full text in pdf format

Dethier, M. N., Graham, E. S., Cohen, S., Tear, L. M
Visual versus random-point percent cover estimations: 'objective' is not always better
MEPS 96:93-100 | Full text in pdf format

Velimirov, B., Walenta-Simon, M.
Bacterial growth rates and productivity within a seagrass system: seasonal variations in a Posidoma oceanica bed
MEPS 96:101-107 | Full text in pdf format

Lee, T., Barg, E., Lal, D., Azam, F.
Bacterial scavenging of 234Th in surface ocean waters
MEPS 96:109-116 | Full text in pdf format

Nakamura, Y., Sasaki, S., Hiromi, J., Fukami, K.
Dynamics of picocyanobacteria in the Seto Inland Sea (Japan) during summer
MEPS 96:117-124 | Full text in pdf format

Arrhenius, F., Hansson, S.
Food consumption of larval, young and adult herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea
MEPS 96:125-137 | Full text in pdf format

Ré, P., Gonçalves, E.
Growth of sprat Sprattus sprattus larvae in the German Bight (North Sea) as inferred by otolith microstructure
MEPS 96:139-145 | Full text in pdf format

Rozas, L. P., Reed, D. J.
Nekton use of marsh-surface habitats in Louisiana (USA) deltaic salt marshes undergoing submergence
MEPS 96:147-157 | Full text in pdf format

Stokesbury, K. D. E.,Himmelman, J. H.
Spatial distribution of the giant scallop Placopecten magellanicus in unharvested beds in the Baie des Chaleurs, Quebec
MEPS 96:159-168 | Full text in pdf format

Brock, V.
Effects of mercury on physiological condition and content of the biomarker ALA in the oyster Ostrea edulis
MEPS 96:169-175 | Full text in pdf format

Riisgård, H. U., Thomassen, S., Jakobsen, H., Weeks, J. M., Larsen, P. S.
Suspension feeding in marine sponges Halichondria panicea and Haliclona urceolus:effects of temperature on filtration rate and energy cost of pumping
MEPS 96:177-188 | Full text in pdf format

Meesters, E. H., Bak, R. P. M.
Effects of coral bleaching on tissue regeneration potential and colony survival
MEPS 96:189-198 | Full text in pdf format

Smith, S. D. A., Simpson, R. D.
Effects of pollution on holdfast macrofauna of the kelp Ecklonia radiata :discrimination at different taxonomic levels
MEPS 96:199-208 | Full text in pdf format

Bertram, D. R, Chambers, R. O.Leggett, W. C
Negative correleations between larval and juvenile growth rates in winter flounder: implications of compensatory growth for variation in size-at-age
MEPS 96:209-215 | Full text in pdf format

Hopkins, C. C. E., Sargent, J. R., Nilssen, E. M.
Total lipid content, and lipid and fatty acid composition of the deep-water prawn Pandulus borealis from Balsfjord, northern Norway: growth and feeding relationships
MEPS 96:217-228 | Full text in pdf format

Lafferty, K. D.
Effects of parasitic castration on growth reproduction and population dynamics of the marine snail Cerithidea californica
MEPS 96:229-237 | Full text in pdf format

Lafferty, K. D., Kuris, A. M.
Mass mortality of abalone Haliotis cracherodii or the California Channel Islands: tests of epidemiological hypothesis
MEPS 96:239-248 | Full text in pdf format

Hargrave, B. T., Duplisea, D. E., Pfeiffer, E., Wildish, D. J.
Seasonal changes in benthic fluxes of dissolved oxygen and ammonium associated with marine cultured Atlantic salmon
MEPS 96:249-257 | Full text in pdf format

Gattuso, J.-P., Pichon, M., Delesalle, B., Frankignoulle, M.
Community metabolism and air-sea C02 fluxes in a coral reef ecosystem (Moorea, French Polynesia)
MEPS 96:259-267 | Full text in pdf format

Nyman, J. A., DeLaune, R. D., Roberts, H. H., Patrick, W. H. Jr
Relationship between vegetation and soil formation in a rapidly submerging coastal marsh
MEPS 96:269-279 | Full text in pdf format

Riebesell, U.
Aggregation of Phaeocystis during phytoplankton spring blooms in the southern North Sea
MEPS 96:281-289 | Full text in pdf format

Bronk, D.A., Glibert, P. M.
Contrasting patterns of dissolved organic nitrogen release by two size fractions of estuarine plankton during a period of rapid NH/ consumption and N02-production
MEPS 96:291-299 | Full text in pdf format

Crossland, S., Coates, D., Grahame, J., Mill, P. J.
Use of random amplified polymorphic DNAs (RAPDs) in separating two sibling species of Littorina
MEPS 96:301-305 | Full text in pdf format

Nagasaki, K., Ando, M., Imai, I., Itakura, S., Ishida, Y.
Virus-like particles in an apochlorotic flagellate in Hiroshima Bay, Japan
MEPS 96:307-310 | Full text in pdf format