MEPS 329:157-168 Supplementary Appendices

Grigg NJ, Webster IT, Ford PW

Non-destructive measurement of the time evolution of burrowing shrimp mound topography

MEPS 329:157-168 | Full text in pdf format


Supplementary video

MoundMovie is a movie of shrimp mound maps. (.avi, 50mb)

Windows Media Player or Quicktime is required to view the video.


Supplementary figures

Aquarium_1: mound maps from Aquarium 1 (.tif, 2.5mb)
Aquarium_1_extra: extra maps for Aquarium 1, which was scanned more frequently between Days 184 and 219 (.tif, 1.9mb)
Aquarium_2: mound maps from Aquarium 2 (.tif, 2.5mb)
Aquarium_3: mound maps from Aquarium 3 (.tif, 2.5mb)
Aquarium_4: mound maps from Aquarium 4 (.tif, 2.5mb)