MEPS 351:25-41 Supplementary Appendix 2

Baird D, Asmus H, Asmus R
Trophic dynamics of eight intertidal communities of the Sylt-Rømø Bight ecosystem, northern Wadden Sea
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Appendix 1.


Appendix 2. The files contain data on carbon flow of 9 sub-ecosystems of the Sylt-Rømø Bight ecosystem. All files are in the SCOR recommended format for the application of network analysis to food web networks. They give information on the living and non-living components present in each of the subsystems, annually averaged. Each of the data files consists essentially of 6 sections. The first is a list of the 56 living and 3 non-living compartments. The second section gives the biomass/standing stock of each compartment with the units of measurement in mgC m-2. The third section contains the imports from outside each subsystem system into the relevant compartments in mgC m-2 d-1. The fourth section gives information on the exports from each compartment, while the fifth section gives the respiration energy of each living component in the system in mgC m-2 d-1. The last section gives the flows from prey compartment i to consumer compartment j in mgC m-2 d-1. These files can be directly used in network analysis, the program of which can be downloaded from the web site Output results from NETWRK 4 are discussed in the paper quoted above.

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