MEPS 372:195-209 Supplementary Videos

Yahel G, Yahel R, Katz T, Lazar B, Herut B, Tunnicliffe V
Fish activity: a major mechanism for sediment resuspension and organic matter remineralization in coastal marine sediments
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Video clip 1 (Quicktime, 1.7MB)
Sediment resuspension by a flatfish 'diving' under the sediment. Video taken by the ROV ROPOS at the deeper part of the fish range in Saanich Inlet where water clarity is high (135 m depth, July 2005).


Video clip 2 (Quicktime, 2.4MB)
Examples of typical small-scale and large-scale sediment resuspension events by a slender sole Lyopsetta exilis interacting with Pacific herring Clupea pallasii and a starsnout Bathyagonus sp. Video taken by the VENUS underwater camera at Saanich Inlet at 102 m depth (Table 1). The distance between the upper 2 red dots (scaling lasers) is 10 cm.


Video clip 3 (Quicktime, 4.9MB)
Using the robotic manipulators of the ROV ROPOS and the SIP sampler to sample a sediment cloud induced by a flatfish Lyopsetta exilis movement on the bottom of Saanich Inlet (120 m depth, July 2005). See 'Materials and methods: Sampling fish-induced sediment clouds'.