MEPS 437:175-181 Supplementary Videos

Video 1.
A tubeworm field (Lamellibrachia sp., Siboglinidae) at the North Alexander Mud Volcano in the eastern Mediterranean. Egg capsules of the catshark Galeus melastomus can be seen within the tubeworm thickets and on the ground. Video taken by ROV 'Cherokee' on 22nd November 2008 during RV 'Pelagia' expedition PE298.

Video 2.
Egg capsules of the deep-water skate Bathyraja sp. on and around massive blocks of carbonate exposed at the Concepción Methane Seep Area off central Chile. Video taken by the Ocean Floor Observation System (OFOS) towed by RV 'Sonne' on 2nd October 2010 during expedition SO210 .