MEPS 455:141-156 Supplementary Material

Volkenborn N, Polerecky L, Wethey DS, DeWitt TH, Woodin SA
Hydraulic activities by ghost shrimp Neotrypaea californiensis induce oxic−anoxic oscillations in sediments
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Video S1.
Neotrypaea californiensis. Burrowing and irrigation by Individual MS2 in a narrow aquarium (90 h real-time, 5000-fold speed)

Video S2.
Neotrypaea californiensis. Burrow irrigation by Individual M1 induced by pleopod beating at different locales within the burrow (10 min real-time, 10-fold speed)

Video S3.
Neotrypaea californiensis. Sediment blow-outs by Individual M3 (1 h real-time, 100-fold speed)

Video S4.
Neotrypaea californiensis. Oxygen dynamics in and around a burrow of Individual MS3 (24 h real-time, 1500-fold speed)