MEPS 462:143-161 Supplementary Material

Baird D, Asmus H, Asmus R
Effect of invasive species on the structure and function of the Sylt-Rømø Bight ecosystem, northern Wadden Sea, over three time periods
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1. SRB1_Dat95.txt (txt, 10KB)
2. SRB2_Dat07.txt (txt, 10KB)
3. SRB3_Dat10.txt (txt, 10KB)


The files contain data on carbon flows of 3 ecosystem models of the Sylt-Rømø Bight ecosystem in the northern German Wadden Sea. All files are in the SCOR (Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research) recommended format for the application of network analysis to food web networks. They give information on the living and non-living compartments present in the ecosystem during each of the time periods 1995 (SRB1), 2007 (SRB2), and 2010 (SRB3), and consist essentially of 6 sections each. The sections are separated by a negative integer (-1). The first is a list of the compartments. The second section gives the biomass/standing stock of each compartment with the units of measurement in milligrams carbon per square meter. The third section contains the imports from outside the system into the relevant compartments. The fourth section gives information on the exports from each compartment, while the fifth section gives the respiration energy of each living compartment in the system. The last (sixth) section gives the flows from prey compartment i to consumer compartment j. The units in the last 4 sections are in milligrams carbon per square meter per day. These *.txt files can be directly used in network analysis, the program can be downloaded from the web site The information contained in the data files were entered by means of BIGDAT.EXE, a routine embedded in NETWRK 4 at the web address given above. Instructions pertaining to the use of the supplement files in the execution of NETWRK 4 (or network analysis) are given on the web page. Output results from NETWRK 4 are discussed on the website quoted above.