MEPS 449:161-172 Supplementary Material

Aoki K, Amano M, Kubodera T, Mori K, Okamoto R, Sato K
Visual and behavioral evidence indicates active hunting by sperm whales
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Supplement 1
Video A. Examples of continuous frames obtained from cameras deployed on sperm whales. The movie includes three different scenes: the beginning of the descent of a deep dive, the middle of the deep dive and a shallow dive. Numbers in the top right show date and time (yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss). T indicates water temperature, and D indicates depth

Supplement 2
Video B. The ink spurted by flying squids, observed from underwater camera systems set in mesopelagic water off the Ogasawara Islands in Japan, on October 2007. The underwater cameras recorded flying squids between 400 and 800 m (Kubodera & Mori 2003)

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