MEPS 573:101-115 Supplementary Material

Hasegawa T, Takatsuki N, Kawabata Y, Kawabe R, Nishihara GN, Ishimatsu A, Soyano K, Okamura K, Furukawa S, Yamada M, Shimoda M, Kinoshita T, Yamawaki N, Morii Y, Sakakura Y
Continuous behavioral observation reveals the function of drifting seaweeds for Seriola spp. juveniles
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Supplement 1 (.pdf)

Supplementary videos


Video S1. Seriola spp. Typical video image during the daytime (a part of the file recorded from 12:00-12:02 on 26 May 2014, raft 1)


Videos S2. Seriola spp. The behavioral transition from the nighttime dense aggregation pattern to the daytime swimming pattern (a part of the file recorded from 05:05-05:10 on 23 May 2014, raft 3)


Video S3. Seriola spp. Two schools met each other to form a larger school (a part of the file recorded from 10:00-10:02 to 13 April 2013, raft 4)


Video S4. Seriola spp. One fish (around the center of the frame) escaped into the seaweed when Coryphaena hippurus appeared (a part of the file recorded from 08:00-08:02 on 22 May 2014, raft 3)