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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS 597:207-220 Supplementary Material

Comparative analysis of foraging behavior and bite mechanics reveals complex functional diversity among Caribbean parrotfishes

Adam TC, Duran A, Fuchs CE, Roycroft MV, Rojas MC, Ruttenberg BI, Burkepile DE
MEPS 597:207-220 | Full text in pdf format

Supplement 1

Supplement 2

  • Video S1
    Midnight parrotfish (Sc. coelestinus) scraping the epilithic algal matrix (EAM).

  • Video S2
    Initial phase stoplight parrotfish (Sp. viride) excavating the reef matrix while feeding on the epilithic algal matrix (EAM) and endolithic algae. Notice the deep grazing scars that result from the powerful bites.

  • Video S3
    Terminal phase queen parrotfish (Sc. vetula) scraping the epilithic algal matrix (EAM).

  • Video S4
    Initial phase yellowtail parrotfish (Sp. rubripinne) tearing algae from the epilithic algal matrix (EAM). Note that the scraping sounds that can be heard in the video are from scraping and excavating species feeding nearby but out of the video frame.