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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS 663:157-177 Supplementary Material

Regional-scale variability in the movement ecology of marine fishes revealed by an integrative acoustic tracking network

Friess C, Lowerre-Barbieri SK, Poulakis GR, Hammerschlag N, Gardiner JM, Kroetz AM, Bassos-Hull K, Bickford J, Bohaboy EC, Ellis RD, Menendez H, Patterson WF III, Price ME, Rehage JS, Shea CP, Smukall MJ, Walters Burnsed S, Wilkinson KA, Young J, Collins AB, DeGroot BC, Peterson CT, Purtlebaugh C, Randall M, Scharer RM, Schloesser RW, Wiley TR, Alvarez GA, Danylchuk AJ, Fox AG, Grubbs RD, Hill A, Locascio JV, O'Donnell PM, Skomal GB, Whoriskey FG, Griffin LP
MEPS 663:157-177 | Full text in pdf format


  • Supplement 1 (.pdf) - Additional information on the iTAG arrays which served as the data sources for this study, including array design, study objectives, and study organisms
  • Supplement 2 (.pdf) - Additional detail on methodology
  • Supplement 3 (.pdf) - Additional results