ESR 9:125-131 Supplementary Materials

Mwema MM, de Ponte Machado M, Ryan PG

Breeding seabirds at Dassen Island, South Africa: chances of surviving great white pelican predation

ESR 9:125-131 | Full text in pdf format


Pelecanus onocrotalus: Videos showing pelican predation on Crowned Cormorant (Phalacrocorax coronatus) chicks.
Video 1: Predation on a large chick that is about to fledge.
Video 2: Continuation of the predation in sequence 1.
Video 3: Predation of a small crowned cormorant chick from under the adult.
Videos 4 & 5: Predation by pelicans on large Kelp Gull chicks (video 5 also shows one pelican stealing a chick from another).


All videos are in WMV format.