ESR 35:081-100 Supplementary Material

ALan F. Rees, Larisa Avens, Katia Ballorain, Elizabeth Bevan, Annette C. Broderick, Raymond R. Carthy, Marjolijn J. A. Christianen, Gwnal Duclos, Michael R. Heithaus, David W. Johnston, Jeffrey C. Mangel, Frank Paladino, Kellie Pendoley, Richard D. Reina, Nathan J. Robinson, Robert Ryan, Seth T. Sykora-Bodie, Dominic Tilley, Miguel R. Varela, Elizabeth R. Whitman, Paul A. Whittock, Thane Wibbels, Brendan J. Godley
The potential of unmanned aerial systems for sea turtle research and conservation: a review and future directions
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Supplement 1
Full list of author affiliations


Supplement 2
Video: Summary of ways in which UAVs can assist sea turtle research and conservation.