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Excellence in Ecology

International Ecology Institute

21385 Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany


The book series 'Excellence in Ecology' (EE) was founded by Otto Kinne. It is published by the International Ecology Institute (ECI). EE presents books authored by noted ecologists of our time: the ECI Prize laureates. In a rotating pattern, books are published in the fields of marine, terrestrial or freshwater ecology. EE books address researchers, teachers, students and interested laymen, as well as administrators and politicians professionally engaged in ecology-related decision making. ECI laureates are elected by a jury composed of ECI members, all of high international reputation. For details on ECI laureates please visit this link.


EE books offer laureates a global stage for publicizing their views on important ecological issues, and for interpreting current scientific knowledge on the basis of their own experience and insight.


How to cite an EE Book - An example:

Gaston KJ (2023) Common ecology. Excellence in ecology. Book 32. International Ecology Institute, Oldendorf/Luhe


EE books are made available worldwide at cost price. A considerable number of books are donated to libraries in less developed countries.




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