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Excellence in Ecology: Book 7

Towards a Science of Recruitment in Fish Populations


David H. Cushing


Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Fisheries Laboratory, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 0HT, UK

Recipient of the International Ecology Institute (ECI) Prize 1992 in marine ecology



Professor David Cushing was elected by the ECI Jury chaired by Professor John D. Costlow (Duke University Marine Laboratory, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA) for his excellent contributions on the ecology and management of fish stocks; David Cushing also pioneered the study of vertical migrations in planktonic crustaceans, and he was one of the first to consider the effects of climate change on fisheries. Born in Alnwick, England, he studied at Balliol College, Oxford, England, and then joined the Lowestoft Fisheries Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, at which he remained ever since. He has served on numerous advisory councils, e.g. with the International Council for the Exploration of The Sea (ICES), and has received numerous international awards.


EE Book 7 weighs essential information on the conditions that determine reproduction, growth and abundance of commercially valuable fish populations. David H. Cushing takes a close look at environmental and human influences on fish production, and the autecological rules and dynamics of recruitment processes. Cushing's intimate knowledge and solid expertise allow him to outline fascinating details on the birth of a new science — the science of recruitment — and to draft guidelines for developing that science in the years to come.


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Book 7: Towards a Science of Recruitment in Fish Populations by David H. Cushing. 1996. XXI + 175 pp. ISSN 0932-2205,
ISBN 978-3-946729-07-5, ECI Price: €30 + Postage


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