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  • Book 1: ECOLOGY - POTENTIALS AND LIMITATIONS by Tom Fenchel, ECI laureate 1986 in marine ecology. Euro 35
  • Book 2: SUCCESS AND DOMINANCE IN ECOSYSTEMS: THE CASE OF THE SOCIAL INSECTS by Edward O. Wilson, ECI laureate 1987 in terrestrial ecology. Euro 26
  • Book 3: THE ECOSYSTEM APPROACH: ITS USE AND ABUSE by Gene E. Likens, ECI laureate 1988 in limnetic ecology. Euro 31
  • Book 4: MARINE ROCKY SHORES AND COMMUNITY ECOLOGY: AN EXPERIMENTALIST'S PERSPECTIVE by Robert T. Paine, ECI laureate 1989 in marine ecology. Euro 31
  • Book 5: THE GLOBALIZATION OF ECOLOGICAL THOUGHT by Harold A. Mooney, ECI laureate 1990 in terrestrial ecology. Euro 31
  • Book 6: SCIENCE AND LIMNOLOGY by The late Frank H. Rigler and Robert H. Peters, ECI laureate 1991 in limnetic ecology. Euro 36
  • Book 7: TOWARDS A SCIENCE OF RECRUITMENT IN FISH POPULATIONS by David H. Cushing, ECI laureate 1992 in marine ecology. Euro 30
  • Book 8: A WORLD OF WOUNDS: ECOLOGISTS AND THE HUMAN DILEMMA by Paul R. Ehrlich, ECI laureate 1993 in terrestrial ecology. Euro 33
  • Book 9: VEGETATION PROCESSES IN THE PELAGIC: A MODEL FOR ECOSYSTEM THEORY by Colin S. Reynolds, ECI laureate 1994 in limnetic ecology. Euro 35
  • Book 10: OUR BIOSPHERE by Ramon Margalef, ECI laureate 1995 in marine ecology. Euro 25
  • Book 11: COMMUNITY ECOLOGY IN A CHANGING WORLD by John Lawton, ECI laureate 1996 in terrestrial ecology. Euro 35
  • Book 12: BETWEEN HAZARDS OF STARVATION AND RISK OF PREDATION: THE ECOLOGY OF OFFSHORE ANIMALS by Z. Maciej Gliwicz, ECI laureate 1997 in limnetic ecology. Euro 54
  • Book 14: THE SHRINKING WORLD: ECOLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES OF HABITAT LOSS by Ilkka Hanski, ECI laureate 1999 in terrestrial ecology. Euro 47
  • Book 15: REGIME SHIFTS IN LAKE ECOSYSTEMS: PATTERNS AND VARIATION by Stephen R. Carpenter, ECI laureate 2000 in limnetic ecology. Euro 40
  • Book 16: SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY: PROCESS, CONSEQUENCES AND PRACTICE by Louis Legendre, ECI laureate 2001 in marine ecology. Euro 40.
  • Book 17: THE CHALLENGES OF BIODIVERSITY SCIENCE by Michel Loreau, ECI laureate 2002 in terrestrial ecology. Euro 29
  • Book 18: FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS AND THE CARBON CYCLE by Jonathan J. Cole, ECI laureate 2003 in limnetic ecology. Euro 33
  • Book 21: DAPHNIA: DEVELOPMENT OF A MODEL ORGANISM IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION by Winfried Lampert, ECI laureate 2006 in limnetic ecology. Euro 44
  • Book 22, 2nd edn.: GASPING FISH AND PANTING SQUIDS: OXYGEN, TEMPERATURE AND THE GROWTH OF WATER BREATHING ANIMALS, 2nd edn. by Daniel Pauly, ECI laureate 2007 in marine ecology. Euro 44
  • Book 24: LIBERATION ECOLOGY: THE RECONCILIATION OF NATURAL AND HUMAN CULTURES by Brian Moss, ECI laureate 2009 in limnetic ecology. Euro 44
  • Book 27: FRESHWATER ACIDIFICATION: NATURAL HISTORY, ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY by Alan Hildrew, ECI laureate 2012 in limnetic ecology. Euro 35
  • Book 29: TRANSLATIONAL ECOLOGY: COLLECTED WRITINGS ON CONTEMPORARY ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES byWilliam Schlesinger, ECI laureate 2014 in terrestrial ecology. Euro 35